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What To Do When You Have Feelings For Two Guys. We Give You Options

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When I watched Mandy Moore’s Because I Said So, I really liked it. Okay, the movie has only a 5.7 rating on IMDB but I guess it’s okay. While the film focusses on the role of an overprotective mother in the lives of her grown-up daughters, it wonderfully shows how confusion between two equally good guys is quite legit. It doesn’t make you a terrible person if you enjoy the company of and like both. She meets two guys – one is selected by her mom and the other she meets organically. Going on dates with both of them, she finds that both the guys are nice but quite different from each other. She likes the fun, laughter, and amazing sexual chemistry with one. With the other, she enjoys feeling pampered and being escorted to fancy dates like a lady.

How do you choose? You can’t get everything in one guy! And is it your fault that you were talking to multiple guys and things took off with two equally great options? Nope, and you need not beat yourself up for it. Yet, it is going to get confusing because a woman having more than one romantic interest is deemed promiscuous but if you ask me, you shouldn’t give two hoots about it. How do you tackle this mind-bending conundrum? Let’s figure out how things can play out and which option is the best fit for you.

Choose one out of two

If things are progressing quickly with both of them, you may want to cut the chords with one. Let’s admit, having one consumes enough energy and having to deal with two? Also, I am not sure if they will be okay with you not making up your mind when things are serious. If you have to choose, it’s important to see who truly makes you happy but also who is on the same page as you. He should make you feel at peace and be good for you. It’s not the guy who has been keeping you on edge but is exciting af. Understand what your motives with both of them are and which ones are sustainable in the long term. That is if the long term is what you’re seeking. If you’re looking for fun, then simply go for the one who makes your world go round.


Leave both of them

Sometimes, when we have two options, we feel like we have to choose between these two. Like how my parents asked me to choose between medical and engineering, but I went for journalism instead. The world doesn’t end with these two guys. If you feel like none of them are offering you a complete package, you can skip both. A friend of mine was talking to two guys – one made her feel secure but didn’t stimulate her wild side and the other made her weak in her knees but lacked stability. She kept thinking about whether she should go for fun or security but later she realised it shouldn’t be an either-or question. Don’t settle if none of them actually satisfy you. Either tell both of them what they are lacking and see how they work towards fixing it or dump them both.

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Procrastinate and be with both

If things are in a nascent stage, there’s no need to complicate them. Why keep all your eggs (pun intended) in one basket? Unless things are really serious, there’s no need to be tie yourself down to just one guy. You can take your time to figure out how each of them scores. However, it will only keep your life un-messy if you tell them that you won’t make things exclusive until you’ve made up your mind. You don’t want to run into one while on a date with another.

At the end, when it comes to liking two guys and being confused, it’s never easy. Whether you choose one, dump both, or hang with both of them – it’s important to be really in touch with your feelings.

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