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5 Reasons Why Emotionally Expressive Men Make For Better Boyfriends

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Sometimes I don’t know what to do when it comes to dating. If you read too much into things, you could be overanalyzing things. You could assume he really likes you and is probably not expressive enough. Then in your head, you’d be on your way to becoming his girlfriend, but it’s probably that he’s actually not interested. Then again, you could totally undermine someone’s feelings and feel unloved when he’s just shy. This confusion has caused many hearts to be led on and being broken. I think young boys are as expressive as girls and then they become young adults and gender stereotypes get to them. They begin to feel that women have a monopoly over expressing their feelings! Honestly, I feel drawn towards men who aren’t shy to be vulnerable. It totally turns me on!

But then again, if he is not even going to say, ‘Hey, I am missing you so much’ and expect me to just know, then what’s the point? It’s really time for men to pull up their socks, bring out their big, masculine handkerchief and be vulnerable. Here’s why!

We don’t want to play the guessing game

It’s exhausting to keep analysing what he wants, how close we are and all that. It will be so much easier if they are expressive so we don’t have to think about how much love there is. We’d know for sure!

We want to be reassured of their feelings

A lot of men stop expressing their romantic feelings once they have confessed their love for you. They just take a step back and assume that it will be pinned on top of your feed. But it doesn’t work that way. We need to be reassured that they love us and care for us, constantly. And we need to feel appreciated and loved. That’s what keeps us going!

Issues can’t be resolved unless they are able to communicate openly

It’s not just romantic emotions that men hide deep down in their trunk of suppressed feelings. They also hide things that bother them or hurt them because you know they’ve grown up believing ‘mard ko dard nahi hota.’ Someone, please tell them they’ve been lied to. If they keep bottling up things, it will lead to problems that will become too big to tackle. It’s better to communicate openly and solve things then and there.

There’s a link between suppression of emotions and aggressive behaviour

Men tend to translate vulnerable emotions like hurt into aggressive ones like anger. In fact, suppressed emotions often lead to harmful habits like substance abuse and escapism. It is also a known fact that unresolved emotions can lead to stress which in turn makes men more susceptible to depression and cardiovascular diseases. All these issues vs simply being expressive. I don’t really see it!

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Emotional vulnerability is not a sign of weakness

Our society teaches us that being emotionally raw and vulnerable means you’re weak. Your feelings are often mocked by trolls or bullies who call being expressive lame. But these are the very people becoming a mess later in their lives and having anger management issues. It’s a sign of strength to be able to bare your soul and this goes for everyone, irrespective of your gender.

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