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#Relationships: 7 Signs He Is Not Just Having Sex But Making Love To You

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I believe making love isn’t the same as being head over heels in love. We feel love and compassion for people, including romantic partners without being in love with them. If I considered it love each time I felt affection for guys, my unborn children would probably have several stepfathers. But I’d like to admit, I cannot do men without having any feelings involved. I have to feel love and affection to get in bed with someone, otherwise my hormones go on a meditative journey and refuse to rage in passion. Sucks, I know.

I would like to consider all that tongue tennis an act of making love, instead of raw sex. Don’t get me wrong, raw sex isn’t bad but it’s just not my thing. I don’t want a quickie; it doesn’t do anything to satiate my thirst for intimacy. Like raw sex for me is fast fashion — it comes easy and is available – in excess too. Yet, it runs its course pretty quickly. Making love is like sustainable fashion — it is breathable and may not come often but when you have it, happiness is sustained. Making love is a lot more special and it nourishes your soul, even if it doesn’t last. And if you’re looking for some love makin’ that’s meaningful, find out if your lover is doing that or just sexing it up. Here are signs that you guys don’t just have sex but make love.


1) There’s a lot of eye contact and comfortable silence

How beautiful is it when you are sitting on his lap with your arms wrapped around his neck and your gaze is locked with his? You can both look into each other’s eyes, say nothing, and just stay. And then just to mess with him, you ask what he is looking at but he doesn’t need to answer ‘cause you already know. And then you hug him and plant several kisses on his face because you want to squish his existence with your love.

2) He takes it slow with a lot of foreplay

Guys, if you’re reading this, let me tell you collectively from all of the womanhood — we despise men who cannot delay gratification. But a guy who knows how to make love to a woman will know how to take it nice and slow. Making out with him feels like you’re in a slow dance except a lot wetter. He takes time to kiss you all over your body and explore it as if his educational qualification depends on it.

3) He cares about your gratification

This man wants to please you and raw sex isn’t about pleasing the other person as such. It arouses him to see you moan in pleasure as you lift your chest, take a deep breath, and curl your toes each time a wave of intense orgasm hits you. That sight is enough to give him boners!

4) You feel vulnerable but secure

When you’re with him, you feel like you’re there in your OG avatar, like you’ve bared not just your body but your soul. He has access to areas of not just your body but also your heart and mind. Both of you let your guard down and just coexist while canoodling the hell out of each other. You’re vulnerable with him because you feel secure enough.

5) The sex can range from sweet to incredibly hot

Making love doesn’t mean it has to just be plain vanilla. You can go crazy on sex positions, try out doggy style when in the mood for some wild sex and wheelbarrow if you always wanted to participate in the Olympics. Point is, you have the choice to make it sweet or sexy. When it’s just sex, there’s no choice.

6) There’s talking, cuddling and pecking in between all that sex

If you can’t cuddle with me and talk, laugh, and be goofy, I don’t want it. What is all that kissing worth if you ceasing to do it is so easy? When you make love to someone, you just can’t stop kissing them, even when you’ll are done with sex and just cuddling. Like shower those pecks on me and kiss me till my lip balm runs dry, will you?

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7) He stays the night (even when there’s no sex)

Then you know that he feels love and affection for you. Again, it doesn’t say anything about whether he is or isn’t in love with you. However, I feel if a guy is, he will say it in due time, and if he doesn’t then he isn’t. But as we know it, everything isn’t so black and white. If he stays the night, holding you and loving you, sex or no sex, we know it isn’t just a booty call.

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