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Demisexuals Can’t Feel Sexual Attraction Without Feeling A Connection. 5 Signs You Could Be One!

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If you talk about sexual attraction, it’s supposed to be more physical, right? Like you should be able to feel sexual tension with a hottie you meet in a bar. Or look at someone’s picture on a dating app and be able to figure out if you’d be attracted to him. Unfortunately, some of us need to feel a connection in order to feel sexual attraction for someone. You could have a cutie right in your circle but without a connection, you never found his appearance sexually attractive, except after you bonded.

It’s possible that you’re a demisexual. People who are demisexual need to feel connected before they can get attracted to someone. Can relate? Here are 5 signs you’re a demisexual.

You don’t get sexually attracted to a hot stranger

When your colleagues are drooling over that hottie at work, you don’t see why his perfect abs and big muscle arms are that sexy. Sure, you understand that those elements are aesthetically pleasing but it doesn’t really make you want to jump his bones. I have never kissed a hot guy I met at the club or had sex on the first date itself.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t have meaningless sex

Demisexuals aren’t asexual. So it’s not like you can’t have meaningless sex. When you’re feeling horny and you are just craving physical touch, you can simply get yourself some action. So you meet that guy you matched with and you’ll hook up. But that’s not because he made you horny; it’s because you were already horny. That, or you find yourself in bed with someone but fantasising about something totally different in order to orgasm.

You just need an emotional connection to have mindblowing sex, otherwise, it’s just average or bad

It doesn’t mean you have to be in love with them. But yes, relationship sex does feel better. Although a good connection is enough to make your libido super high. It makes you feel on top of the world because it’s rare for you to feel intensely passionate in bed with someone. And when you do, you make sure you go wild and make the most of it.

Most of your relationships/crushes have started off as friendships

Since you can’t develop crushes on a hot stranger, most of your relationships or crushes begin as friendships. You really need to get to know someone before you begin to find them attractive. And usually, it’s not their abs or shape of their butt. You are attracted to how they make you feel and how you connect to them. And that’s when you begin to feel sexual tension for them. You must be really single though, considering how difficult it is to find something like that.

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You need to have a lot of pillow talk before having sex

Even when you’re with someone you connect well with, you can’t just be turned on immediately. So you know if he just jumps on to make out the moment you reach home, it doesn’t do the trick. You do feel turned on but just not crazy horny. You need to have a little pillow talk, a bit of laughing, cuddling, and gradually making out. Yeah, you’re a lot of work. But so worth it!

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