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Should You Kiss On A First Date? Here Are Some Pros And Cons!

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So you matched with this really cute guy on a dating app, and you have a date planned this weekend. You’re excited to finally meet him but you’re also nervous. How will he be in person? What should I wear? Will our conversations be as fun in person? There are so many questions popping up in your head and you just feel as clueless as Cher. However, what’s really confusing you is that whether you should kiss on the first date. Because it’s not like you don’t want to. In fact, it’s probably the exact opposite. You probably want to lock lips with him, because a) it’s fun and b) he makes your ovaries explode, even on text!

And yet, you wonder if it’s okay or will you seem too desperate? Or will he feel things are moving too fast? Fret not, we’re here for you. Let’s consider the pros and cons of kissing on the first date so you can make an informed decision.

Here are some pros of kissing on the first date.

1) You will know if he is a good kisser

Life is too short to invest so much time on a bad kisser. We mean, going on a date is not easy – you have to shave your legs, try out a few looks before zeroing down on one, put on makeup. And then you go home and want to just crash but you have to remove all that makeup because a date is not worth all that acne. All this effort, for a bad kisser? Not at all. So it’s good to know, right at the start.

2) You will know if your chemistry is good

Let’s admit – we’ve all been on dates where the conversation is amazing, the guy is handsome AF and everything is perfect. Except that when you finally kiss, the chemistry seems so off, you wonder how this can even qualify as a kiss. You feel no butterflies, and you end up asking yourself, “am I attracted to him at all?” Which is why, testing it out in the first date will help you save time!

3) Or if he has bad breath

The kiss is good and you really like him, except there’s a tiny problem. His breath makes you want to detach your nose from your face for a while. And that can’t be good. And then it’s for you to decide – tell him to do something about his dental hygiene or forever hold your peace (or breath in this case).

4) It’s a great way of letting him know you had a good time

If you don’t want to give him a full-fledged French kiss, a small lingering kiss will let him know that you actually enjoyed the date. And you know the thing with encouragement is that it motivates you to perform even better. So expect a more loved-up second date and a full sesh of tongue tennis focused on pleasing the f**k out of you. Who wouldn’t want that?

5) You will know if he respects you

The way he kisses you and touches you will reveal whether he respects you or is simply a f**kboi. Does he try to kiss you in public, even if there’s discomfort written all over your face? Or does he judge you because you made out with him on the first date? Nope. We don’t need a guy like that.

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Here are some cons of kissing on the first date.

There are no cons if you really like the guy and you both wish to kiss. Unless, your nosy neighbour aunty becomes witness to your romantic act. In that case, you’ll probably be grounded but you’ve got some major lip action so who cares?

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