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Nurse On The Frontlines Of Coronavirus Got A Lit Proposal From Stuntman Boyfriend. This Is So Adorable

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When it comes to proposals, people don’t have the same preferences. Some people want a grand one that makes them feel like a queen, some people prefer a quiet, subtle one. Some even don’t want to make a big deal out of it and just get slide the ring in when no one’s watching. I guess it really depends on who we are and what our love stories are. Nevertheless, maybe we have our opinions on how we want it done (in an ideal world), the sheer act of your bae asking you to marry them is absolute bliss. Unless you’re afraid of commitment! Ugh, there’s no pleasing them I guess.

Me? I love romance and the idea of two people liking each other enough to spend their entire lives together. And what’s even more adorable is the effort people put in making a proposal so romantic and personal. This is why when stuntman Riky Ash (52) decided to propose his girlfriend Katrina Dobson (48), a nurse on the frontline of the pandemic, he did what he does best. Ash proposed her while alight and Dobson said yes, after the fire was put off.

Ash explained how he worked out this idea. “I sat down with a pen and paper then I contact relevant people, and put the idea to them,” he told SWNS. He had a team of a cameraman, a producer and a safety crew who made sure this stunt was pulled off with all safety protocols. He wore undergarments that are fire resistant and also applied a protective gel on his skin and hair. They kept fire extinguishers and wet towels ready should a mishap occur.

But of course, a man cannot be on fire for so long without feeling like he is on a barbeque. So Ash realised he has just enough time to pop the question and he did. So while Dobson was surprised, they put off the fire first and then she said yes.

How did they get it on film? Ash had told Dobson that they were doing a photoshoot about the pandemic love story of an NHS nurse so she didn’t suspect anything. This is probably why she is even dressed in her magenta scrubs.

Aah…the proposal represents who they are so well. In fact, it also perfectly represents their love story. The duo met online in March just before the pandemic happened. “It was a whirlwind romance. Then lockdown happened and we spoke on the phone every day for three weeks,” she revealed. He sold it to me as a story on something that would make people smile,” said Dobson.

Still surprised, Dobson expressed, “He sold it to me as a story on something that would make people smile.” She further added, “I had no idea…I love helping people — but I’ve never found that right person before. I’m pinching myself. I can’t believe it’s me.”

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Ash is a professional stuntman with an experience of almost 27 years. He has worked with several A-listers including Richard Burton and Johnny Depp. Which is why he wasn’t really nervous about being aflame. “This one, I’m more nervous about the actual proposal than being set on fire,” Ash expressed. “I couldn’t see anything more impressive than proposing on fire,” he said, delighted with how things worked out.

While I don’t want a proposal with my man on fire, I would like one that’s special. Since the event is in itself such a milestone one, I believe it should be celebrated. If I will be the one doing the proposal, I will make it special. But wait, first I need a guy who isn’t afraid of commitment and then I need us to not end up killing each other. And then a whole love story before one of us proposes. Phew! I guess Dilli is quite far for now.

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