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Men Shared The Things They Find Difficult To Understand About Women. PS: If You’d Listen Better, We’re Easy To Understand

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Men go on and on about things they find difficult to understand about women and here we are just wondering why. When we are with our female friends, there’s a remarkable level of comfort and a shared sense of understanding. For instance, when at work, any of us is PMSing, we just understand how it feels. My editor buys me dessert and eases up on me. My fav colleague showers extra affection on me. Just all of us are there for each other. But oh boy, a male colleague will still dance on your nerves and you’re just like why does he want to live life on the edge? What makes it so difficult to understand the opposite sex?

How do you feel about a sleepover with your female friends? We gather around a table, bring on our drinks, are super-organised when it comes to having everything in place – the alcohol, the mixers, finger food and dinner. Just so smoothly, we start drinking, and once, everyone is an expressive mood, our conversations range to a variety of topics: relationships, people, life, philosophy, etc. We talk about just anything and we feel understood. We know that our friends know exactly what we are talking about. Dating a guy who doesn’t want you enough to commit? Men, who chase you until you start paying them attention? Creeps who refuse to leave your DMs? The inherent misogyny in our culture? The connection is uninterrupted.

However, we too feel so incredibly confused about why men do what they do. I mean, really, what makes you throw away a good relationship and then act so damaged? Okay, most importantly, why the fuck do men refuse to get over one heartbreak they had a few thousand suns ago? Why do you get so annoyed when you’re told to do something again and again? Honey, if you did it in the first go, would someone have to mother you? What makes you sad when your favourite team loses? So we have a lot of questions and so do men.

Someone on Reddit posted, “What about the opposite sex confuses you the most?” and it was almost like a dam has been opened as men shared things they find difficult to understand about women.

A man wrote: “The need to verbalize every emotion. My wife really speaks on all her thoughts and feelings to work through things. It makes for ALOT of talking. I’ve been married for 10 years, but man, she probably says 50 words for every 1 I speak. I’ll just sit and listen and just be fascinated by her ability to understand her own feelings. Like it took me 3 days to realize I was grouchy because I had a splinter in my foot.” So, are you amazed? Because verbalizing emotions isn’t so bad. Also, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! You don’t even know how much goes on in her head.

Another guy was baffled with how women have a lot of feelings. “Their emotions. So many emotions ! And the confusing triggers for each emotion,” he wrote. Men too have feelings; they are just not acknowledging them. The triggers too, if you just listen, you will not find it difficult to understand women.

So while most men just described their astonishment at the vast vocab of feelings women have and how we like to express, a woman asked, “Why can’t guys be more talkative with their feelings?” To that, men replied saying they have been social conditioned in a way that they associate masculinity with a lack of vulnerability. “Many have a one point and then learned that they are better off bottling it up because generally nobody wants to hear their bullshit. It’s a societal standard and the handful of people who support guys opening up about it hardly cover the swathes of other people who find men being emotional as repulsive and disgusting,” a guy explained.

Meanwhile, a guy was confused about our pain tolerance and then being scared of insects. “How they have the pain tolerance to bleed profusely out of their genitals for five days a months for like 40 years, have hot wax poured on their legs and then have strips ripped off it to remove hair in the most painful manner possible, how they can push something the size of a watermelon out of an opening the size of a fist, how they can endure all that and yet still be scared at the sight of a teensy weensy spider on the wall,” he wrote. It’s not a gender thing, bro! I have seen men who are all strong and everything and hide behind their mothers when there’s a flying cockroach in the house. We kinda don’t have a choice when it comes to bleeding every month, but to not co-live with a spider can be one.

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A guy couldn’t figure why women were so indecisive when it comes to going out for dinner. “Please, for the love of all that is good in the world, please, just pick a goddamned place to eat dinner,” he wrote. Dear men, we put more thought into things because we like things to be perfect. And sometimes, we like to be surprised. We love it when men take charge and give suggestions. It’s frustrating if all you do is just show up! “I actually have developed a work around for this…i ask her to “guess where i’m taking you.” and i pick one of her guesses,” he wrote. As long as he found a way to work around things.

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