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Men Reveal What About Their Wife’s Pregnancy Surprised Them The Most

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For another person, pregnancy is all cute, like unicorns and the Ladurée macaroons in stunning Parisian tea rooms. How can a person with a mini person in their uterus and an adorably large belly be aww-inducing? With both my sisters living abroad, I haven’t been around a very pregnant woman, at least in my adult life. And I have been telling my best friend that I need to be around hers ‘cause she is like the third sister I never had. I think my enthusiasm is just slightly short of her husband’s for his wife’s pregnancy.

So earlier this month when my sister delivered her baby, she video-called me, and my best friend and I stared at the little blob for a whole two minutes in astonishment. Our gaze was only broken to turn to my sister and ask her how the childbirth process was. She said as a public service to all women intending to get pregnant someday, she’d like to not go into the intricacies of childbirth. You know because we’d get scared and would worry ourselves sick before going into labour. In fact, she admitted that she’d like to forget the whole process.

I wouldn’t blame her. We sisters have been raised in a way that made us quite the lock-expert when it comes to stowing away stressful memories. Of course, it must have been special. But what pregnancy does to your body is no joke. And I would not have been aware unless it was for my sister. When my eldest sister had a child, I was too young to get things. And now when I do, I am baffled.

Each time I called my sister during her pregnancy, she’d tell me of things I had no clue of and nobody really talks about those things. Yes, in pregnancy, several women have intense sweet cravings but do they tell you that in such a time, you are more susceptible to developing diabetes? The mood swings, aversion to certain foods, fatigue and how your baby is already interacting with you – nobody speaks about these things. Then there are physical changes that may or may not be permanent.

I feel it’s amazing to have a hands-on partner during pregnancy. You know how couples say “We are pregnant”. I guess that’s because the husband has to be involved in taking responsibility for a half-baked life. And usually, he is as surprised as the wife when it comes to pregnancy. Sometimes, more so.

So when I stumbled upon this freshly popped thread on Reddit about how men felt about their wife’s pregnancy, I had to share it. These men revealed what surprised them about their wives’ pregnancy and well, the responses are as real as it can get.

A man described his wife’s fatigue during pregnancy. He wrote, “My wife was exhausted during the last part of the first trimester. She’d come home from work and go straight down for a nap almost every day.”

Another user spoke about the food restrictions that come along. “The amount of things that pregnant women aren’t supposed to eat or drink. It’s a ridiculously long list. Grocery shopping became a nightmare for those months,” he exclaimed.

After reading this observation, I watched a child birth video and I couldn’t agree more with this guy. “Child birth itself. Watching as my wife pushed and the baby’s head entered the birth canal and you could see it raising a baby head shaped mound in her crotch. Then the baby’s head sticking out and finally the whole kid shooting out once the shoulders were clear of the opening,” he wrote. I am already scared.

Another man said his wife’s extreme temperature fluctuation had him baffled during her pregnancy. “How warm she got. She went from uncomfortably cold all the time to a freaking oven who took pure cold water showers,” he observed.

This guy seemed to have really enjoyed his wife’s pregnancy. “My wife got extra horny. It’s crazy what women go through with their hormones while pregnant,” he wrote.


Meanwhile, a man was surprised because his wife’s pregnancy was ultra-smooth. “My wife… she ate a perfect diet, went to the gym everyday with me until 24 hours before labor, created this whole baby world in our life… I mean I tried to be helpful, but she was a machine,” he wrote.

“The swings in cravings and aversions is wild. My wife wanted trader Joe’s chicken fried rice constantly in her first tri. Made some for myself one afternoon before she got home. She came home and was instantly nauseated and I had to air out the house. The suddenness and intensity of cravings is crazy,” a husband wrote, sharing his wife’s food cravings.

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“How quickly i fell in love with my kids. Also how lumpy and purple kids are when theyre born,” a guy described how surprised he was when he saw his child. Well, they are kinda raw-looking, no offence. But the beauty of life being brought to this world in a process so organic is unmatched. PS: There should be no pressure for a woman to experience pregnancy and childbirth because this may be sweet but we have full bodily agency.

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