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This Woman Ran Over 1.5Kms In Just 5 Minutes In Her Ninth Month Of Pregnancy For A Bet. Okay, We Feel Lazy

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I wouldn’t be able to say much for anyone else, but I would like to believe that when it comes to me, I know myself pretty well enough by this point in life. I know exactly what excites me and what ticks me off. I know what kind of people would interest me and who would make me want to sleep in less than 5 minutes. I know the kind of wedding I’d want, the breed of puppies I’ll become a dog mama to and exactly how many tantrums I’d throw if and when I’m pregnant. And in all of that, one other thing I am certain of is that when I am pregnant, I am going to be lazy, pampered and far from the likes of the woman who ran almost 1.5 kms in five minutes in her 9th month of pregnancy! Talk about to-be mom goals!

It started out as a silly bet between a husband and wife, Michael Myler and Makenna. Micheal wagered a bet with his wife way back in the second month of her pregnancy, that she would be able to run “an 8-minute mile (1.6 km) in her ninth month of pregnancy”.  They bet a 100 dollars on it. Like most of us reading this, Micheal obviously thought these were going to be the easiest 100 dollars ever.. Except, when they did actually enter the ninth month of Makenna’s pregnancy, the outcome was not what was expected.

Taking their bet to the tracks, the couple decided to go ahead and find out if she could really run almost 1.6 kms in her final month. And boy, did she run. Sharing an impressive and rather inspirational one minute long video, Myler recorded his wife running her laps and completing the 8 minute mile course in a little over 5 minutes, leaving most of us astounded and her husband, a 100 dollars poorer.

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Myler captioned the video, “Makenna Myler Runs a Mile at 9 Months Pregnant – Official Time is Bonkers” and we couldn’t agree more with him. Clearly, it would be a grave mistake to underestimate yourselves when pregnant, for there is absolutely nothing that you can’t do when you’re expecting. Except for maybe drink..

The video that has now gone viral, has already garnered over 6,000 views and a whole lot of appreciation from the netizens. One user wrote, “I am not pregnant and still slower than her. Need to evaluate my life now,” while another called Makenna an ‘Iron Lady’, a title we think was quite befitting considering her unique feat. Meanwhile, in the comment section, another person verified if it was healthy to run during the ninth month of pregnancy, to which Makenna replied (who has also been an elite athlete for the Valor Track Club), that her doctors gave her a go-ahead for it.

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