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Men Describe What Male Orgasms Feel Like Unabashedly And It’s Like Reading Erotica

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While empathy is a human trait that we possess and endorse, can you really understand how something feels if you have never felt it? Especially when it comes to physical sensations that occur differently, depending on where you’re touched, how and by whom. I had no idea what your G-spot does until mine was stimulated. I couldn’t have imagined how clitoral orgasms would feel like until I had one. Have you ever wondered how male orgasms are?

Really, there’s no way we can tell exactly. Yes, that’s orgasming too and people often compare cumming with clitoral orgasms but we aren’t squirting! At least, most of us aren’t. Our bodies are built differently and we will never quite know. But curiosity remains and this thread on Reddit tried its best to describe male orgasms. Honestly, after going through all of it, I feel so envious. To think that it’s so much easier for men to cum! They get to experience this euphoric feeling all the time while most women struggle to orgasm!

“I always ask my boyfriend to describe it for me because I’ve always been curious as to what it would feel like to have an orgasm as a guy. When I watch him cum, it turns me on so much. & just the fact that a simple brush or blow of air feels good to you all, I feel like it is such an out of this world feeling,” the user asked the men of Reddit.

Comments started pouring in and men got really descriptive. A guy wrote, “You can feel it build up and your cock gets harder and pulses more and more as the pressure builds. You can feel it reach the point of no return in your spine, then you feel it move to your cock as it sends the signal to ejaculate and the euphoria begins.” He further described, “As you start to come, you can feel it head down your urethra and come out and a big pulse follows it, then it happens again, and again and again. It is explosive and takes your breath away.” He concluded saying how peaceful cumming really is and I would say that is quite similar to female orgasms.

Another guy compared it with peeing and though I can understand how relieving it is, it killed my libido a bit. “It’s like a REALLY REALLY good pee. Like the ones after you held it in for the entire movie. Except it doesn’t last as long. But instead of just a steady stream, it pulsating every half second or so. Sometimes you feel it in your whole body, other times it’s different,” he wrote. Moving on…

A user described how men can feel it happening. “It’s an intense build up inside your balls/cock area. You can feel the orgasm coming. Which is why the ability to pull out is there. When you’re actually spouting semen, and if you’re using your hand to jerk your hard on, you can feel the semen coming out of the bottom of your shaft.” He added, “The head of your cock is really sensitive as you cum, too.” I don’t know if you know but if you are blowing your man and really focusing on his penis, you can actually tell when he is about to cum. Male orgasms are predictable that way.

Schooling us on how squirting semen out works, he wrote, “A guy can kind of manipulate that muscle as each new shot hits and actually shoot a line of semen or just jerk himself off as normal and let the semen dribble out and spurt like normal. Seeing a woman/partner who loves it definitely has bearing on the length and time. Also, the time in between the last time he has cum will more than likely always tell the amount of semen.”

“It feels like I’ve just released every bit of me through the end of my cock. I’m a bit weird because after I’ve cum I ofter stay hard and can go again straight away. 2nd orgasm is usually even better but uncontrollable. I can’t go for long a second time because I’m so turned on and sensitive,” a guy described.

Surprisingly, he isn’t even tired after cumming! “And I’m never tired afterwards like a lot of men. I’m usually buzzing after orgasms if I’m with my wife. If I’m alone it’s more of a function. I just need to cum and then get on with my day. Wanking improves my mental wellbeing though,” he wrote. Wow, that’s pretty much like us! Most women feel all charged up post orgasm! At least, I do feel hornier after my first, instead of it just settling down. I need to ask his wife though – how does it feel like to be God’s favourite? Male orgasms have some similarities with female orgasms after all!

“When it’s jacking off, it feels great and you feel tired after. When it’s sex, it’s like your soul leaving your body and taking an acid trip through everything that has ever made you feel good. It’s almost like you’re reborn again. Every muscle tenses up and right after the peak of that feeling, everything rapidly shifts to something like “habdkgichabnskfuehbenrkfifnene” which is what is going through his head at the moment of ejaculation. It’s euphoric,” a guy wrote, explaining the difference between cumming from partnered sex and masturbation.

Another user described it similar to our clit orgasms and honestly, I have heard of this one before. I wonder if it is really like that. “If you’re a woman isn’t much different, if you’re able to achieve clit orgasms, imagine the penis head just like a giant clit,” they wrote.

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But if you ask me to pick the best response, it has to be this one. The way he described it is just so beautiful, I feel like having a boyfriend and being the reason he experiences this amazing phenomenon. But oh well! “The body throbs, relax, tense and stretch simultaneously. A warm shiver of pleasure runs up my spine, and into my head. After a second up to five I feel serenely relaxed and cozy,” he wrote. These men have been so good at describing male orgasms, what happens when they have to express their emotions otherwise?

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