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Lack Of Sleep Can Make It Difficult To Orgasm, Says Science

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Writing this on a Friday evening, I mean every single word when I say that most of us are majorly sleep-deprived throughout the week. We somehow manage to put our minds to work, and wait for Friday, almost as passionately as a woman waiting for the moon, on a karva chauth evening. Because with Friday, comes the exciting prospect of letting your hair down, catching up on some zzzs, without the pressure of waking up on time. Come Monday, and you’re back to the grind. This is what millennial life looks like – all of us are trying to fit so much in 24 hours that we have little time left to sleep. And while you may pull a ‘sleep when we’re dead’ on me, sleep-deprivation can take away from your life what you hold very dear – sex!

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you, this isn’t just to put you to sleep, under false pretext. I mean, I am not your mom! Science has actually linked poor sleep with a drop in sex drive. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, lack of sleep can cause erectile dysfunction in men and difficulty in achieving orgasms in women. As if it’s not already difficult! We anyway, require a lot of foreplay and longer time to orgasm – and most of us don’t get it every single time.

The study revealed that not getting enough slumber, reduces the levels of testosterone in your body, which we all know is directly linked to your libido. Here’s how! The highest level of testosterone in your body occurs during REM sleep. The first REM stage lasts 10 minutes, with the duration increasing as the night goes on. The final REM stage lasts up to an hour. Now if you didn’t sleep long enough or deep enough to enter REM sleep, your testosterone is not replenished.

In fact, I believe that’s not the only reason. It’s quite logical to lose sex drive or not get orgasms when sleep-deprived. When you don’t sleep well, the cortisol level in your body shoots up, which is basically the stress hormone. So you’re anxious, and you probably don’t even realise. Or you do, and are cranky AF. And well, that can reduce your bae’s sex drive as well because he will find it difficult to get it on while walking on thin ice – unless he is a bit into BDSM!

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Which is why, I am going to cancel some of my appointments and sleep so well that I wake up feeling rejuvenated! Socialising is cool but seriously, not quite worth losing my sex life too. And if bae is up for it, get him to cuddle while at it!

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