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How Reliable Is Your Boyfriend? Take This Quiz To Find Out

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If you’re starting a business and you need a partner, what would be your basic criteria? I would want someone who is reliable and responsible. The reason is that if I have a reliable partner, I won’t be anxious and carrying the entire responsibility of making the business work on my shoulders only. So when you’re looking for romantic partner, then why shouldn’t this be a top priority?

I am not saying I would be dependent on my boyfriend. But I would like to know he is reliable and that when I need him, he’d be there. I don’t want a man hold who can’t take care of himself. I want a man who can watch out for me and I would do the same for him. All of us want that, don’t we? But how reliable is your boyfriend? Take this quiz to find out.



Mostly As

He really cares for you and wants to be your rock. He is selfless and being there for you makes him happy. Your bae is mature enough to know the importance of things. He tries his best to make life easy for you. You can turn to him at any hour and he will give you a patient listening ear and stand by you, even if it is a challenge you’ve to taken on on your own.

Mostly Bs

Your boyfriend is pretty much reliable. However, he believes in bring independent and would like you to resolve your own problems too. This doesn’t mean he won’t be there for you. He will be, but as a support. This is the kind of guy that will offer you a helping hand but won’t do the job for you. We honestly love ourselves these kind of boys.

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Mostly Cs

He doesn’t understand the concept of teamwork because he thinks he is not responsible for anyone else. If you’re a team, you need to be there for each other. Otherwise what’s the point? This calls for a discussion! If you’re in a soup, he’s likely to abandon faster than you can say crouton. Rethink!

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