What Is Your Romance Style? Take This Quiz To Find Out

We’ve all grown up watching Bollywood, which is essentially known for its romance dramas and soulful music. So, I may never be able to understand how someone can have not one romantic bone in them. Like my sister and my best friend are so non-romantic, it’s almost funny to me. I, on the other hand, thrive on the idea of romance. Which is understandable from the choice of my profession – I almost can’t believe I get paid to write about love and relationships! However, every person has a different perception of romance and that’s completely okay. Some of us are cheesy AF while some like to keep it more real. What type of romantic are you? Take this quiz to find out.

Mostly As:

You’re the cheesiest of the romantics. On weekends, you binge watch romcoms. You cried an ocean of tears when you watched PS: I love you. You catch yourself fantasising about your future often and you’ve probably already thought about what you’d name your children. You thrive on affection and your boyfriend probably struggles to give you enough. You’re also the target group for all those randos pitching to name a star after your bae. Balance it out with a bit of functionality, else you both will just be too lost in the real world.

Mostly Bs:

For you, romance is in the little things that bring you closer. It’s not like you don’t say I love you’s or go out on conventionally romantic dates. But what really makes you happy is knowing that bae is there for you. Going on a long drive, having two cutting chai and just being who you are means much more to you than shallow displays of affection.

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Mostly Cs:

You’re the kind which adds practicality to everything, even love. Of course, you care for your partner but these frivolous things are not for you. The most romantic thing you’ve done in your life is probably bringing your partner soup when they got sick. Really, that is definitely sweet but he doesn’t need to be sick or aching to see your romantic side. Let go a little!

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