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How Much Do You Really Know About Sex? People Reveal The Misconceptions They Had

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Once upon a mind-blowing time, bae and I were having pillow talk after I had some explosive orgasms (not flaunting, it’s relevant!) and we were discussing how women orgasm. And he told me in his dating career, this is the first time, someone orgasms just with clitoral stimulation. His exes apparently come from penetration alone and I was like how? I mean, yes, I know it’s possible but I used to think it’s not very common. But then again, I didn’t know I could get nipple orgasms until I did. So TMI aside, there’s often a huge disparity between what we think is and what actually is, especially when it comes to making love. So many misconceptions about sex.

It isn’t so widely discussed and let’s admit, our sex education is shit. Porn isn’t an educational series of coitus and must be taken with a pinch of salt. Nothing about it is close to reality. So we are left to learn from experience and then stay quiet about all that knowledge because it is considered taboo. Then how do we know if our experience with a certain partner is a rule or an exception?

It’s quite possible that we are living with some misconceptions about sex in our heads. So when someone asked on Reddit, “What is something you thought was sexually normal until you someone pointed it out to you?” people started sharing unabashedly! Some answers were hilarious, some unfortunate!

A guy didn’t know it was advisable to discuss what is hot before indulging in dirty talk. “Turns out you should definitely communicate which terms and vocabulary are “turn ons”, before you start your dirty talk,” he wrote. A woman agreed, “God yes. please don’t call women whores or sluts or anything derogatory without talking to them first.” I agree too. It gets really weird and instead of arousing you, it just puts your libido in a coma.

Another guy said not coming, he thought, was abnormal. “Not getting off. I figured something was wrong with me. Finally got off with a girl who actually put effort to get me off. Realized I was having horrible sex with lazy girls,” he wrote. Well, not being able to come is okay. And foreplay without ending in orgasming by choice is normal too. You don’t have to get off every time you make love. But God I hope, he knows how to get you to orgasm.

Then people shared some misconceptions about sex they had due to its portrayal in porn. “I thought guys liked their balls squeezed cause of the porn I watched, learnt the hard way that it’s not the case,” a woman wrote. “I’ve got a story along those lines. The porn i watched way back when had the guy aggressively licking her all over down there (basically motor boating with his tongue out), while gruntily “yelling”,” a guy added.

Another person had been watching porn on mute and realised much later that it is attractive to moan while at it. “I didn’t watch porn with sound to not awake my parents at night so I never knew what sound you’re supposed to make,” they wrote.

In fact, one woman shared how a bunch of guys had no idea what is “plan B” or contraceptive pills. She wrote, “I (33F) was at my friends house when my phone rang, it was my Bf(33M) laughing hysterically with his friend, Bobby (26M) whining “you don’t have to ask her”. After a few secs, he takes a deep breath and I heard the last thing I could ever imagine. “Who takes the morning after pill, the boy or the girl?” I have never taken one or seen one but obvs the girl.” Turns out Bobby had been taking the pill every weekend. She added, “At this point I remember this moron is married with a daughter but he def slept around and I start laughing, realizing how many years he must have taken them. Then my bf tells me they called one of his friends first, his answer was “what’s plan b”. They called another one who fancies himself a Casanova, “the girl takes two and the guy takes one”.” She concluded, “This man has been taking plan B every weekend for 7-8 years. I cried on the floor for 10 minutes. Then realized this man has reproduced, votes and can drive.”

It’s surprising how ignorant men are when it comes to contraception. All they know is condom and yet many don’t even put that on like we’d trust their pull-out abilities so blindly. Such misconceptions about sex!

Speaking of pull-outs, a guy used to come on himself after coitus and thought that’s how it’s done. He wrote, “When I was jerking off I would always be laying on my back and just cum on my own abdomen. When I started having sex, I would pull out and instead of cumming onto the girl I would lean back and cum on myself because thats how I had been doing it for years. I had it pointed out to me and then realized holy shit, cum onto YOU! Thats genius!” Firstly, wear a condom! Secondly, a lot of women like the guy to come on their boobs or tummy or wherever but a lot of women don’t. Having said that, couldn’t he just use a tissue?

Someone else shared how a guy in their high school thought being aroused by feet was like common. “Had a buddy in high school with a huge foot fetish. He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, nor was sex ed where we grew up that good. He’d never heard of the concept of a foot fetish, and didn’t believe anything about him was abnormal. He thought feet were just a regular sex characteristic (like breasts or ass),” they wrote. “I’ll never forget his shock when we called him out on it: “What do you mean you guys don’t like feet? You’re not gay are you?” they added.

A woman shared how she felt that it is abnormal to not do it with a man. “Not WANTING to have sex with a man. The thought of it made me nauseous and not in a nervous way. I felt trapped. I’m a lesbian,” she wrote. I’m glad she found herself.

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Lightening up the mood, here’s a funny one! “My wife always thought biting her lip was sexy and seductive. I just never had the heart to tell her It’s supposed to be the bottom one,” he wrote.

Here’s a woman realising that her pleasure lies in her own orgasms and not just in her partner’s. “I used to get almost all of my sexual pleasure from pleasing my partner. Then I started dating my now husband. WOW what a wonderful new world!! We have incredible sex, I always orgasm at least once per session, and it makes me feel so deeply connected to him emotionally. In hindsight all of my past sexual relationships were absolute garbage. But the good sex really is very good,” she wrote.

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