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A Man Reunited With His Deceased Wife Through Virtual Reality. It’s So Beautiful

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I can’t imagine the pain of losing my partner, partly because I don’t have one and if I did, I wouldn’t want to think of bad things! However, death, as I’ve seen around, is not easy to deal with. When you break up, you know that the person you so dearly loved does exist somewhere. But when they die, you know they become an abstract image and no matter how much you cry your eyes out, you will never see them in flesh and blood again. And then to imagine they were your husband or wife, built a life together with them, and shared a lifetime of love and togetherness. How do you let go? How do you deal with grief so intense?

A South Korean man was recently reunited with his wife by a TV show using Virtual Reality. Kim Jung-soo was part of a TV documentary that helped him see his wife again, who had passed away after falling sick. It took them six months to work on this project, recreating moments of the couple as well as her voice.

His second daughter witnesses the emotional moment where his dad broke down while seeing his deceased wife come alive through virtual reality. “But the reunion almost never happened. Initially opposed by his daughters, Kim revealed he had almost lost his hope of seeing his wife again, saying that his children did not want to recall memories of their deceased parent because it was ‘too painful’,” Asia One reported.

In the documentary, his eldest daughter says that they just want to move on and live a happy life. Of course, they miss their mother but they felt that going ahead with this project would not let them heal from the grief of their mother’s death. “’It is my last wish,’ he said, that’s why we decided to allow him to meet mum again,” his eldest daughter Jong-bin shared.

His other daughter Jong-yun, shared she agreed with the concept because she remembers how much he loved her. “He would kiss her from time to time when working, when eating, or when watching TV. Even when my mother was sick and lost her hair, my father would say that she was pretty and carried her around,” the daughter remembered.

It is so sweet, such love is so rare. Will we have something so beautiful? We such things in romantic movies but they say it’s not real so you can settle for dumbfucks. But it’s real, just rare! Grief isn’t about bottling up your emotions. It’s about letting it out, about acceptance and acknowledgement of the reality. And maybe the VR experience is a bit of an emotional escape but I feel it brought him closure. In a clip, he asks his wife “Are you not in pain anymore?” while his children cry looking at this play out.

In the video you can see Kim slow dancing with his wife through VR. After a bit, he starts crying but continues to dance. The clip already has more than 8 lakh views.

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“This is not the first time the production team took on the challenge of such an immersive experience for someone who wanted to reunite with a departed loved one. The documentary’s first season featured a mum who lost her child to a rare disease called hemochromatosis reunited with her through VR. While the responses towards both episodes and the show were mostly positive, praising its use of the technology in such a creative manner, others criticised the show for being ‘emotionally manipulative’,” Asia One reports.

Who cares what others think? As long as someone volunteers to experience this and feels emotionally ready to experience this, it’s a beautiful opportunity!

Psychology Today explains: “Research suggests that widowed spouses who were highly dependent on their spouses are more likely to develop problems with anxiety afterward. On the other hand, strong marital closeness can also lead to greater loneliness for surviving spouses.” It further explains, “Overcoming grief and loneliness are special challenges that many seniors face, particularly those seniors who have lost a spouse. Whether they are able to move on afterward depends on their own inner resources as well the kind of support they receive from friends and family. For those widowed seniors having a particularly hard time coping, counseling represents a useful way of getting their lives back on track.” Maybe this is the counselling or closure he needed!

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