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7 Important Lessons Casual Sex Teaches You

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Casual sex can be highly satisfying and liberating. There are no strings attached, which means you can focus on your own satisfaction, without feeling like a jerk. At the same time, you also learn to give. But most importantly, we believe that casual sex empowers you with lessons that can make you sexually more confident.

When you end up getting into a long-term relationship, you will come (pun intended!) endowed with all the lessons you learnt from casual sex. Here are some useful lessons you learn from casual sex!

1) To be unapologetic about what you want

We tend to get squeamish when we’ve just started dating someone, especially when it’s about sex. Somehow, a lot of us end up feeling embarrassed opening up about our fetishes and fantasies. You have your feelings attached to this person so what they think of you is important. But when it’s completely casual, you don’t really have to sit and make mountains out of molehills of you needs and wants. You want it, you say it. And then you realise that communication actually makes it more likely that your needs will be fulfilled.

2) Sex is not equal to love

All those romantic fictional movies have got us feeling that sex is basically love-making. But then you grow up, almost start adulting and realise, that sex is not love. You can have sex with someone casually, as long as you are physically attracted to them, without any guilt. Never confuse good sex with love!

3) Safe sex is everything

If you’ve ever ended up having sex with a casual partner without protection, the days following that fateful night tend to be filled with anxiety. Even a slightest delay in your period will make you think you’re pregnant. A slight soreness in your vagina will have you worrying about an infection. So what does that teach us? It’s not worth having sex without protection.

4) Dealing with being ghosted

So it’s never fun to be left at read without closure. But you realise that losing out on someone who doesn’t want you, is not a loss at all. You learn to walk out of something, unscathed, because f**k them (but not literally!).

5) Faking an orgasm is not cool

We tend to fake orgasms to protect our partner’s feelings. But the whole point of a casual arrangement is that your own satisfaction is of supreme importance. It’s not charity! You end up realising how important your orgasms are, the real ones of course. And if a partner doesn’t equally prioritise it, maybe he shouldn’t be sharing your bed at all.

6) Different techniques

If you’ve had sex with more than one person, you end up learning so many different techniques. You end up experimenting with a lot of things, and thus understanding your likes and dislikes better. We mean, you could go to how-to videos, but isn’t this a more fun method?

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7) Appreciating a long-term partner

When it comes to casual sex, you learn a lot, and you end up not being left dry while still living the single life. But what you don’t get is the comfort of not having to shave your legs every time you want sex. And when you get into a relationship, the sex does become love-making, which is even better. You begin to understand each other’s sex style better, which leads to even hotter sex!


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