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Trying Casual Sex For The First Time? Here’s How To Do It Right

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There’s sex you have in a relationship that’s warm, fuzzy and gives you what they call post-coital bliss. It involves cuddles, and laughter and gentle, trailing kisses. Then, there’s sex that’s ‘wham bam thank you mam’ kind where you both have a good time and then go your own way. Now, if you haven’t had the second kind of sex, it can be all uncharted territory for you which could be confusing. It’s no frills, no commitment, just sex, right? However, like anything that’s too much fun, hooking up with someone you barely know could’ve repercussions. For instance, he could turn out to be a serial killer. Or maybe he’s selfish in bed. We wouldn’t know but we can always keep some things in mind so that a hookup is safe and fun (as it’s supposed to be!). Since we always have your back, here are some things to keep in mind to make the most of your casual sex encounter!


Do it for the right reasons

No matter how casual it seems, if you don’t know what you want out of it, it can mess you up. If you’re doing it to get over someone or to make an ex jealous, you will wake up feeling like crap the next day. The only right reason to have sex, is the carnal desire to have sex! You want some action, you get some action.

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Do it with someone you have an intense attraction for

We don’t have the patience to deal with a substandard sexual experience, especially if we’re not in love with them. You put so much effort in shaving your legs and getting that bikini wax done…not for some average dude. Doing it with someone who makes your ovaries explode with excitement will make it worth your while.

Say no to anything that makes you uncomfortable

Okay, so if this hot-as-hell dude has some crazy fantasies that simply grosses you out, say a big, firm no. He may want to come through the back door or try handcuffing you. But have you signed up for his idiosyncrasies? Nope. So draw the lines and talk about everything you are comfortable doing and not doing. But also remember, this could be your chance to experiment without judgement. Just talk about it first.


Be open about your desires

The whole purpose of hooking up with someone is to fulfil your sexual desires. This means no faking orgasms or letting out pretentious moans. Instead, communicate about what turns you on and gets you off. Lay back and enjoy the moment unabashedly.

You don’t have to stay the night

Always have a backup if you can’t go back to your own house. Sometimes, it’s fun to stick around cuddling, talking and making out all over again. But if that’s not what you’re looking for, go home (yours or your best friend’s). If he is at your place instead, politely make it known that a sleepover is not what you’re looking for.


Let your best friend know

Share your location and let your best friend know who you are spending the night with. At the end, your safety is of utmost importance.


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