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5 Zodiac Signs That Are The Best At Long-Term Relationships

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While some of us are super cool at keeping things casual and not getting attached, some of us feel like a no-strings-attached set up is just not our cup of tea. It’s not like you haven’t tried. You probably did put up that act – pretending to be all detached, and convincing yourself it’s only for sex. But just a few dates, amazing conversations and cuddle sessions later, there you are, lovestruck and all that. Cupid is cruel. At least, for you.

You may think you’re just an idiot, because you want to have casual fun but probably can’t. But you know what would be easier? If you thought about why you’re that way and realise, your time of birth is to blame. We feel like it’s an amazing thing to be a long-term relationship kinda person, as long as you find the right partner. Here are 5 zodiac signs that just can’t do casual relationships!


Cancerians are sensitive people who are in tune with not just their own emotions but also of those around them. They are sympathetic and can easily see the real you, behind that tough exterior. Because they are so intuitive, they don’t believe in investing their energy in relationships that have no future. In fact, these people need emotional security before getting in bed with someone. And if they do, rest assured that you’re not a passing romance, but someone they’d like to make memories with.


Now most people are somewhat resistant to change. But if you’re Taurus, you will absolutely despise it. Even a slight change in your schedule will make you feel like you’re PMSing. So when it comes to romantic partners, you’d rather not “keep your options open”. However, it’s not like you’ll jump into a relationship with the first guy offering you commitment. You prefer someone who also makes a perfect match, in a more practical sense. And once that combo is found, you will not waste time in playing the field.


If you’re born under the Capricorn zodiac sign, you are an independent person, who does just fine all by herself. However, when you seek a relationship, considering the fact that you believe in the institution of marriage, you’re quite a go-getter. You will filter out those seeking frivolous romances, and invest in the person keeping the future in mind. Now it doesn’t mean that you reveal your game plan in the start. You will take your time and see whether they turn out to be worth all your effort.


You are not a one night stand kind of a person because when you get hooked to someone, you just can’t get enough of them! Your tenacious nature makes you want your object of desire to commit to you. In fact, you’re someone who will give their 200% to a relationship through all the ups and downs. While you need someone you can connect on a deeper level, your trust issues may become a hindrance to the longevity of your romance. Jealousy has never served good purpose!

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This is a sign that thrives on love and romance. They are in love with the idea of being in love, which means they have will shower their partner with affection! If you’re a Libran, you can be a bit flirtatious but you only invest your time in a person who you consider worthy of your attention. Once you find such a person, you will belong to them completely. You can be trusted of never straying!


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