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5 Tips For When You Are Having Anal Sex For The First Time

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The thing about trying something new is that we don’t know what to expect. And it is that fear of the unknown that makes people hesitant to take the leap. That, and common misconceptions. However, a study from the University of Indiana found that trying out different acts can actually give you orgasms. And that includes anal sex. Now, I am not advising people to go get it on through the backdoor. I am not telling you benefits of taking that route. But what I am saying is if you’ve made up your mind that you want to give anal sex a shot, you should be equipped with knowledge. Why? Because anal sex mishaps can be worse than vaginal sex mishaps. Here are 5 things you absolutely must know about anal sex before trying it out.

1) Anal Sex doesn’t have to be painful

Your anus doesn’t lubricate itself, like your vagina does. So just like vaginal penetration can hurt if you’re not wet enough, so does anal sex. Which is why lube is your best bet here. Also, you must be relaxed at the moment, otherwise your anal muscles will tense up, causing the sex to be painful. Invest in a little touching and exploring the nerve-endings in that area to feel more relaxed.

2) Don’t rush it

If you’re sexually active, you probably know already that what they show in porn is not how it is in real life. The couples in adult films might be able to have anal sex in one smooth motion but in reality? Hell, no! It’s not like it was easy for him to get in, so don’t try to aim for fast, rough movements. For the sake of all parties involved, go slow. Let’s not be anal about this, okay?

3) Use a condom

Sure, you can’t get preggers from backdoor sex, but you can still catch STIs. Always use a condom. But, he must change the condom before going for vaginal sex, else you run the risk of getting a vaginal infection. Also, ditch the condom before oral sex because, come on, you want us to spell it out for you?

4) Ditch doggy-style, go for spooning

The first sex position that comes to our mind is doggy style, but it might be a little difficult to achieve, especially when it’s your first attempt at anal sex. Instead, opt for the spooning position and let him enter you from behind. Best part, your bodies are completely in contact, so it’s more intimate and less raw.

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5) You can get orgasms from anal sex

Why else do you think people are having anal sex? Nobody wants to have a penis entering their butt, without the possibility of an orgasm! When you’re having anal sex, the nerves that connect to your clitoris get stimulated as well. Which makes way for mind-blowing orgasms!


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