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5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Sending Nudes To Your Boyfriend

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When we’re romantically into someone, we obviously have physical desires. But what if you’re physically away from them? Earlier people used to have phone sex, speaking in a seductive voice, being detailed about what they would like to do to another person . Now, with digital advancement, people have graduated to actually being able to see each other. Whether you’re sending him nudes or a striptease video, it’s important to be safe.

I am not saying you shouldn’t send nudes to your bae. It’s an effective way to keep the spark alive and feel connected even when miles away. But having said that, it’s a high-risk zone and you cannot take it lightly. Here’s what you need to consider before hitting the send button!

1) If things went down, can you trust him to be a good man?

It’s not enough if he is nice to you now. Is he a righteous man? Does he seek revenge from people who wronged him? Tomorrow if one of you wants to part ways or things go bad, he shouldn’t use your nudes and sexts against you. Indulge with him only if you can trust him to be a good person.


2) Do this only if you’re comfortable

Don’t do this for him or because you want him to think you’re fun. It’s okay to say no for anything you’re not comfortable with. Hold it off until you feel completely at ease hitting that send button!

3) Protect your privacy no matter how much you trust him

Internet isn’t completely safe. Cloudspace, WhatsApp, and other platforms can get hacked into. So just to be safe, crop your face out. Even if your pictures get leaked, and we are talking worst case scenario, at least they won’t know who those tits belong to. Unless you go and claim them!

4) Is he asking for nudes or demanding them?

The concept of consent applies in the virtual world too, even if he is not actually touching you. A man who pressurises or manipulates you to sext or send him nudes isn’t worth it. This is the man who lacks ethics and if you’re confused,  refer to points 1 and 2, and don’t send him your pictures.

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5) Protect your data

How can you be completely at peace and not worry about your nudes? Make sure you delete your pictures from your gallery. Keep auto backups off. Ask him to do the same. And at all times, when you’re sextually active, keep your phone and gallery password protected.

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