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5 Sexting Tips So Your Vagina Doesn’t Become An Arid Region While Self-Quarantining

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While social distancing in times of coronavirus is doing a lot of us a lot of good, it’s making our sex lives rather dry. We are expected to stay home and even if we meet people, we are supposed to maintain safe physical distance. Making love at this point is reserved simply for our imagination. So in these times, how do you really connect? How do you keep the spark alive? I’d say phone sex but I feel sexting is much better at getting the work done. You can let it escalate to phone sex but I kinda like to not talk while masturbating.

When you’re sexting, you have at least a few seconds to think of a nice response that will make his erection even harder. The pressure is off and you have time to let it all sink into your imagination. You feel like he is there, but not too much. So you have your privacy while you fantasise about him making love to you. Sounds great? Here are some sexting tips for so your vagina doesn’t become an arid region because of Coronavirus.

1) Start slow

When you’re beginning to get flirty, none of you are turned on. So don’t jump in with your guns loaded. Take it slow. Drop in a few hot texts here and there. Talk about the last time you guys had sex. It will be easier for him to recollect the visuals and within no time both of you will be turned on. This is when you bring your sexiest cards out.

2) Sound really excited till you actually do get

While you’re getting turned on, tell him what you’d like to do to him. Make it sound like you’re horny AF. If you sound meh, the responses you’ll get will also be dull. A little drama can help you get dripping wet!



3) Be responsive

Imagine you’re actually in bed with him. When he is kissing your neck, you’d moan and maybe call out his name. So when he is sexting you, respond to him telling you what he’d like to do to you. Respond how you would otherwise, if this was in person.

4) Touch yourself accordingly

Go with the flow. Let things build up in your head. If he texted you he wants to touch your breasts, do it yourself! When he says he wants to touch your inner thighs, try it. Just let your hands wander as per his direction and imagine what it’d feel like if it was him.

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5) Try to orgasm together

It’s really odd when one person has masturbated and is done and the other is still talking dirty. So try to reach that orgasm together. Tell him you’d like to go down on him and you’d like him to touch you too. Take it as a cue for getting things done and moving towards that ecstatic ending!

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