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5 Sneaky Ways To Teach Your Boyfriend To Give You Mind-Blowing Sex

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So you’re with this cutie that makes your world go round. The compliments he showers on you, the way he always says “no” when you ask him if you’re fat, makes him just perfect. You love the way your conversations flow, and your drunken Saturday nights are just too much fun. Except that, you’ve taken the things to the next level, and he is just not able to get the hang of your sex style.

Maybe he doesn’t kiss the way you like. Does he finish too soon? Or are chances of you finding Narnia more promising than him finding your G-spot? You shouldn’t have to give up on an otherwise good romance due to less than perfect sex. Instead, why don’t you train your dragon to get you all hot and on fire? Here’s how you can teach your boyfriend to romance you in a way that’s satisfying to you.

Give him instructions

Have you ever watched a hot steamy scene from a movie, in which the guy is under the blanket and the lady is giving him instructions? That’s because when a guy is going down on you or in you, he will need you to direct him to your points of arousal. Let him know if he has to go faster, deeper, or if you like a certain movement. Be the boss babe and claim your orgasms!

Show him how to do it

This guy you’ve been seeing makes your heart pound. When you lock eyes with him, all you want to do is share a passionate kiss with him, and possibly rip his shirt open. But there’s a glitch. He doesn’t kiss the way you like. And that’s okay – people have different kissing styles. However, you just can’t get turned on enough unless you kiss in the lusty, sloppy way you like. You can’t teach this in theory. Kiss him and tell him to follow your lead!

But also tell him what he’s good at

You know how we begin to despise that friend who keeps talking like a guide manual? They will keep telling you what to do, how to do and all you actually wanna do is tell them to f**k off. Unless you want bae to feel the same way for you, balance out the instructions with praises. If you like how he touches your breasts, use phrases such as, “when you do this, it turns me on like crazy,” “keep doing it, this is good.” If you love it, let him know!

Send him video links

So the best way to get him acquainted with your sex style is by spoon-feeding him! Now, you can’t really rely on his imagination to make him visualise it. Because if he was that talented, you wouldn’t really have to be training him. Look for videos that resonate with your style and watch it with him. Keep a condom handy because by the end of the video, you both will probably be all set to get it on.

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Practice give and take

If the problem with your sex life is because your man is selfish in bed, make sure you stop being a giver. Does your man cum way too soon and leave you…high and wet? Let him know that the only way forward is if you both get you to orgasm first. Or do it simultaneously, if that happens.


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