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5 Things To Consider Before Having Casual Sex With Someone New

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When it comes to casual sex, people assume that one wouldn’t really have a set of criteria. Because if you are going to have a checklist for this also, it’s going be a lot like our love life, just sad. A lot of us assume, that as long as it’s sex, it’s all cool. But that’s the lamest thought process ever. At least for the more sensible amongst us, (no, not me!) Because, hey, we have some standards! Sex is easy to find, swipe right and there it is, potentially waiting in the list of your recent matches.

But if you are someone who’d like to invest her time and energy wisely, and have sex that is mind-blowing, here’s a list of things you should consider before having casual sex with someone new.

1) The physical attraction you share with him should be really banging

It’s not worth having casual sex with someone if the sex isn’t even hot. Like investing all that time and energy in flirting, then shaving your legs, and dressing up for thanda action, is not cool. Instead, you’d rather be home masturbating to some hot porn, or just your imagination – whatever floats your boat! Of course, until a hottie walks into your life. But if this guy makes your lust levels soar, and it’s super hot, get into bed with him already.

2) You feel comfortable with him

So here’s the thing. Unless you’re like super relaxed, it will get very difficult for you to orgasm. And to be relaxed, you need to be in bed with someone you’re comfortable with. Sex is like a spa sesh; unless you’re comfortable with your spa therapist, the only pleasant feeling will be when you actually leave! Which is why, before you go ahead with making things dirty, make them comfy!

3) He respects you

It’s needless to say, there are several jerks who sleep around as much as they want and honestly, that’s their call. But when it comes to women having casual sex, they will treat them like trash. Now, we aren’t saying all men are like that. See if he treats you and other women with respect. Someone you sleep with shouldn’t treat you like an object!

4) You both are on the same page, emotionally

It’s becomes a big mess when one partner wants it to be casual, and the other develops to have feelings. Before you go ahead with a wham-bam-thank-you-mam sesh, make sure you both are on the same page. Whether you both want it to be strictly sex, or you want to explore the possibilities, it should be a mutual call! Also, discuss the little things about staying over, cuddling, and basically how much involvement is too much involvement.

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5) You trust him to satisfy your needs

We mean, if a guy seems like a selfish prick outside the bedroom, he probably is like that in bed too. Have sex with someone who you trust to equally prioritise your needs, is open to trying novel things, and basically won’t turn around once he’s come and leave you high, and well, wet.


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