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5 Reasons Why Making Out In Public In India Is A Really Bad Idea

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The sexual tension in our country is palpable. Born out of repression, our society is like someone who has just hit puberty, is obsessed with sex but can’t admit to having any sexual desires. Maybe that’s the reason that even kissing and making out is made out to be such a big deal. Our society is largely hypocritical and deems any physical acts of affection as vulgar, while hiding their own desires under that judgemental exterior. So if we don’t share the same mindset, what do you do? Why can’t you share a kiss (because the moment felt so right) in public? Here’s why.

You can get arrested

Ours is a country where several hotels don’t allow unmarried couples to lodge there. To think that you can make out in public and not get arrested is a bit far-fetched. I mean, it’s a real skill if you can. Because if you’re going to be in a garden behind the bushes, you know no one is getting fooled, right?. But if you’re not any good at doing the thing on the down low, then stay out of trouble because you don’t want being taken away by police, who would then report your shenanigans to your parents.

Or become viral

If you do it in a public place with people around, chances are a perv will take a clean shot of it and put it online. Why? A) Because it’s not common and B) People don’t bother to respect the privacy of people. I mean, so what if you’re making out in public? You still don’t want your coochi-cooing sesh to go up on porn sites.


Or majorly judged

I have felt aunties’ judgmental stares even if I am coming home past midnight. Now imagine the kind of looks you will get if you’re spotted lip-locking with someone. If looks could kill, this is how you’d die.

Places are either over crowded or unsafe

Suppose you decide to get it on. Where would you even do it? If you do it in a car, you will definitely have a police officer or a security guard knocking on the window before you can even get to second base. If you do it in a shady abandoned area, then I can’t even begin to tell you the horrors that can happen. Let’s just say, it’s not safe.

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Or simply dirty

Umm, parks are dirty. Even the private beaches are lined with filth. I am not sure if you can get some action but you can definitely catch an infection! And if you do find a great spot, pass on the deets!

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