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7 Unspoken Rules Of Having A One Night Stand So You Can Have Fun Without Getting Feelings Involved

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We are a generation that pretends to not care but really does care a lot. We act all tough because we’ve seen heartbreak and lost people and now we are just protective of our feelings. We keep our heart locked in a trunk, locked in a safe in a high security zone with no trespassers allowed. But in the end, we all need a little intimacy. I want warmth but I am so single that I make dinner for two and eat it all. My date nights include me sitting in a café and talking to the friendly dog. Chinky, the lab at my neighbourhood café who loves me, FYI.

So what, we don’t deserve a night of canoodling? But then again, casual dating is risky territory, despite our Oscar-worthy performances acting like nope, I have locked my feelings out. Within no time, there we go, falling head over heels in love with them like a puppy who has just been fed. One night stands seem like a viable option for those who want absolutely no emotions entangled anywhere. But if not done right, they can just be a waste of time and sexual energy. Let me help my sisters out – here are some unspoken rules of having a one night stand, so you get it right and have fun while at it.

  1. Know their relationship status

It’s not like committed men roam around with their relationship status tattooed on their forehead. So you might not realise but you’ll be walking right in the middle of drama if he has a girlfriend or a wife. What if she walks in while you’re under him? That would be awkward. If you don’t want to sleep with a man that’s taken, ask for his relationship status before you get down to business and let’s hope he’s honest.

  1. Don’t leave without saying goodbye

Maybe he fell asleep and you got bored waiting around for him to wake up. But don’t just leave without saying goodbye. It’s just a one night stand but let’s all be courteous to each other. Be nice and exchange pleasantries before you head back. And if he’s the one over, then ask him if he wants a beverage or something to eat. But don’t go on making pancakes, that’s a girlfriend-y thing to do.

  1. Don’t be too cuddly

I know cuddles are nice and sometimes, you just want to feel someone’s warmth. But snuggling up with humans you’re simply hooking up may come across as slightly desperate. Plus, why indulge in attachment-building activities when you know it’s just for the night?

  1. Don’t leave anything behind

Chances are that you won’t get it back. Like him, the sex and the night, your belongings will be gone forever. And you will either have to pester him to see you again and give it to you (which may sound like a lame excuse to him) or give up on that thing. So carry all your belongings before you leave.

  1. Don’t ask too many personal questions

Does it matter if his mom is a lawyer or a teacher? Why do you care to know the kind of equation he shares with his dad or who his best friend is? Leave personal questions out; you’ve not met him for wedded bliss. And don’t even ask him about his ex. Who knows what can of worms that can open?

  1. Let them know exactly what you’re expecting

Make sure you both are aware that it’s just a casual hook-up, mostly only for a night. Don’t get too cutesy or overshare. It’s rude to lead someone on and it’s also very difficult to get someone off your back, once they have been led on. Avoid trouble and in most cases, feelings.

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  1. Don’t promise to stay in touch

You know how they show in the movies that they say I will call you and the other person keeps waiting. It’s just terrible. You know how you feel when a hiring manager promises to call you and doesn’t get back? Just stay transparent and part ways without making any promises.

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