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10 Not-So-Obvious Signs That Your Relationship With Bae Is Getting Stronger

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In the era full of commitment-phobes, there are some of us who still believe in love and relationships. We don’t understand ghosting, situationships and benching – all these dating trends that seem as incomprehensible as our 12th class syllabus. We are those peeps, who installed and uninstalled dating apps, because it didn’t resonate with our desire for deeply romantic love. So when you find that person who believes in your kind of love, you feel like you’re already at the peak of your relationship. But then with time, you cross these relationship milestones and feel a step closer each time you do. What are these relationship milestones? Here are 10 times that brings you closer to bae.

  1. You don’t feel the need to lock your phone around them

It’s not like you have a bunch of shady dudes you’re flirting with on the side. Neither are you bitching about him to your friends. But mostly, you trust him to not be a snoopy prick.

  1. Weekends = Him

What are weekends without him? It’s become a ritual for you to spend quality time with him every weekend, even if it means just staying in, cuddling. In fact, that’s even better than going out!


  1. You have your first fight and realise you don’t want to lose each other

Nasty things were said, tears were shed. But you both apologised and made up because none of you want to lose what you share.

  1. You discover his annoying habits but love him anyway

He sucks at planning dates. You suck at arriving on time. It doesn’t matter how many times you fight over the little things, you want each other more than anything else!

  1. When he runs errands for you

He is coming over and you ask him to buy you sanitary pads and he does, along with some chocolates. You realise that a) he is a sweetheart and b) you came a step closer!

  1. You stop feeling conscious of your appearance with him

Initially, you dolled up each time you met him. Now, you are okay meeting him wearing rags, and it doesn’t change his affection towards you. You can video call him wearing a granny nighty and he will make fun of you but that’s cool!

  1. You talk about the future

I am not saying you have to talk about marriage and babies. But he has been asking you what you’d like to do this New Year’s. Planning in advance means he trusts this to last.

  1. You begin to catch each other’s habits

They say, couples begin to look like each other and that may be true. Somehow, you end up twinning without even planning it. You’ve begun to like his choice of food, and his Netflix watchlist looks much like yours.

  1. One or both of you show your vulnerable side

You don’t really connect until one day you let your guard down and talk about things you wouldn’t otherwise. Remember that night you sat next to each other and spoke about your deepest feelings? That was you bonding, without even knowing it!

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  1. Your relationship becomes social media official

We don’t post about them unless we really feel this can last. Congratulations, you might have fallen deeper in love. Extra points if your posts are heavy on PDA.

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