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India Is Lit From The #MeToo Movement, And It’s Not In The Way You Think

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The #MeToo movement in India started with a wave that has become a tsunami. In its wake are the reputations of people in power, in top positions… and now, heads are starting to roll. People have been sent on ‘administrative leave’, some have ‘voluntarily’ removed themselves from their positions, and some have shrugged off allegations pretending it was a figment of someone’s imagination. 

While skeletons, long-buried under silence and anxiety, have tumbled out, we are seeing this movement get bigger and louder. But a huge chunk thinks that this is an urban phenomenon, restricted to people with power, or perhaps, people with an internet connection. People dismissed it, even. Prepare to be surprised. 

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Earlier this year, when the #MeToo movement was starting to gather momentum in the US, Google created a visualisation. Parts of the map would light up based on the search trends. And now this has been created for India too. India is lit all over!

Here’s the other thing. The top cities on Google aren’t the usual suspects. It’s not the metro cities. Instead, you’ll see Chicalim in Goa, Bhusawal in Maharashtra, Zirakpur in Punjab, and Bhanwreli and Rajnandgaon in Chattisgarh. It’s no longer about what city you live in, you certainly don’t have to be the urban elite. And most importantly, your voice matters and that’s important. But perhaps what is most heartening and saddening as well is that the ripples of this movement are being felt everywhere. 

Just to give you an idea of the magnitude of this movement, and Google has been tracking this closely, 195 countries have looked for #MeToo. That’s every country in the world!


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