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The Men Named In The Indian #MeToo Movement Will Shock You!

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It’s carnage on the Internet right now. Women are angry and this time, they are refusing to be silenced. There’s been a barrage of accusations against plenty of men, some of whom we’ve looked upto and had great respect for.

It’s an opening of an ugly can of worms. And this time no one is being spared. Every industry, every echelon is calling out predators. Men who have taken advantage of their positions, their power and their situations.

Here are the people who have been named and shamed by the Indian #MeToo movement. We’re in shock!

Alok Nath, Actor

There has been no apology or development yet.

Meghnad Bose Of The Quint

Since this came out. Meghnad has issued an apology.

Ishrath Nawaz, ECD Publicis India

No news about him or the company have emerged yet.


Tanmay Bhat And Gursimran Khamba

These guys have stepped down and AIB has issued a statement regarding the same.

Raj Kurup, Founder, Creativeland Asia

The company and Raj have not issued any statements yet.

Rajat Kapoor, Actor

The actor has since issued an apology.


KR Sreenivas, Hyderabad Editor, TOI

No statements have been issued yet.

Kiran Nagarakar, Author

There has been no movement on this.

Kailash Kher, Singer


The singer claims he cannot recollect “any such act”


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