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Woman From Nagaland Created A Venture Out Of Renting Wedding Dresses.

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I think as long as we’re some how making our contribution to the society, no matter how big or how small, the world still has a fighting chance to survive. Be it by being mindful of not polluting the environment or by helping the less privileged in way of providing them with utilities and necessities, the possibilities to lend a helping hand are infinite. And one among those possibilities was the very creative idea of adding not just something useful in the basket of the less fortunate, but also putting a smile across their faces. And she’s doing this by renting out wedding gowns.

We say this as we come across the noble idea of Ngayawon Shimray from Nagaland who has been promoting re-use of old clothing for a long time, especially ever since she kickstarted her venture – ‘Happily Ever After Campaign’ where she rents out wedding gowns donated by people in order to raise money for a children’s home in Imphal, Manipur.

With a rather unique and thoughtful way of giving something back to the society, Ngayawon Shimray was keen on empowering young kids by raising sizable donations for them giving them a chance to have a  better and more resourceful future.

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Stumbling across the idea after she saw her own wedding dress in her wardrobe, Ngayawon decided to donate her expensive dress to someone who might be in a more desperate need for it.

She shared, “I bought my wedding gown from Dimapur and the cost was of course high, and that made me think — Why waste a beautiful gown which I wore only once and keep it hidden in a cupboard afterwards? I’d rather donate and share with someone who needs it.” The idea that eventually led her to the foundation of her campaign, has helped in gathering 5 beautiful wedding gowns from women as donations.

These gowns will be handed over to the children’s home that will take care of and manage the upkeep of the gowns, as well as rent them out at minimal rates. The proceeds generated from the model will then be used for the children’s education. The entire idea is not just something that is functional but also rather mindful in supporting those in need. Whether it is the kids or the brides!

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