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Woman Faked Pregnancy Bump With Hollowed Out Watermelon To Smuggle Drugs. This Was Way Too Creative!

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Not that I have ever been interested in or party to an act of shoplifting, but from whatever little I have gathered from my friends’ experiences in sliding away with things in their pockets, it has all been very straightforward. A little sleight of hand here, or a misdirection there, or max-to-max a dine-and-dash kind of a situation. After all, who even goes beyond these little antics other than characters in Bollywood or Hollywood movies? I guess we have an answer to that right here, with a woman who was caught faking a pregnancy bump to smuggle drugs, specifically blocks of cocaine.

Taking creativity and illegal smuggling to a whole new level, this 38-year-old woman tried to pass off as pregnant, whereas she was actually wearing a hollowed-out watermelon half-filled with blocks of cocaine. Caught while trying to smuggle the illegal substance in the Brazilian municipality of Guaratingueta, the incident took place on November 30.

Arrested on the suspicion of drug trafficking, the woman was on a tour bus heading to the city of Rio de Janeiro, some 259 kilometres (161 miles) away, when passengers allegedly found her supposed pregnancy belly a little suspicious and alerted police. Who would’ve thought this was going to go from knocked up to locked up!

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Upon checking, it was found out that the woman was faking her pregnancy, and in fact carrying a hollowed out watermelon that was filled with  2 kilogrammes (4.4 lbs) of cocaine paste wrapped up in four ‘bricks’. It was then that the woman, who has remain unnamed, revealed that she had bought the drug in the neighbouring country of Paraguay, then passed through Sao Paulo, and was on her way to Rio de Janeiro, where the illegal substance was due to be delivered.

Meanwhile the Sao Paulo State Military Police wrote in a Facebook post that this was, “CREATIVITY WITHOUT LIMIT.” They added, “This Monday (30), military police officers of the 23th Interior Military Police Battalion arrested a woman for drug trafficking in Guar ará. The criminal had a fake belly made with watermelon.”

The post went on to elaborate, “The ROCAM team (Ostensive Rounds with Motorcycle Support) received a report that a woman was transporting drugs on a bus to Rio de Janeiro. During the inquiries, they suspected a woman who claimed to be pregnant.” While the matter is still being looked into, we are surprised at the kind of thought and creativity that went behind into almost pulling this off. I guess, script writers have some real-inspiration they can take for the next season of Narcos!

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