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Two Men Filmed A Woman Taking A Bath At A Quarantine Center In Madhya Pradesh And Tried To Blackmail Her. So We Aren’t Safe Anywhere?

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One would think that in light of the current pandemic, as we have bigger things to worry about. Like making sure we all don’t die at the hands of a virus. And in that, the hope is also that we finally see fewer crimes because we have one common enemy. But it seems like we have no such luck. Reports of rampant domestic violence came about, and it was worrying but now, it has gotten worse with the most recent case being of the privacy of two women being invaded at a quarantine centre in Madhya Pradesh.

In a rather shocking piece of news, an obscene video of a woman has been filmed without her permission or knowledge, while the woman was residing with her cousin sister at a quarantine facility. The incident took place at a quarantine centre in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh. Two cousin sisters, one of which was married, were at the quarantine center in Kumeria Bhatoli village when they came forward to the police to make a complaint against two men.

The men had allegedly filmed one of the sister in the quarantine quarters while she was taking a bath and then had the audacity of sending the video back to her. Talk about feeling safe and secure at a facility. Chances are that if you are a woman, the virus might not get you, but these men surely will.

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Threatening to release the video on social media if the women didn’t agree to come and meet the men, the intentions of these men were clear. However, the women chose to contact the police at the Garhakota police station. As the police superintendent Amit Sanghi made a statement, “The matter was reported to us after which, a case was registered against the accused under Sections 354 of IPC and also provisions of the Information and Technology Act.”

Identified as Sunil Ladiya and Laxman Ladiya, both residents of Kumeria Bhatoli village, the two are now in the custody and being charged, while the cellphone where they recorded the video has been confiscated and sent for forensic screening. And even though the preemptive measures of the two sisters and police have saved from this going awry, we are disheartened at just how dispensable men think women are. Hopefully this will serve as a cautionary tale for the facilities to also ensure a greater measure of safety for the women and protect them from such goons.

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