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A Man Tried To Jump Off His Balcony Because He Didn’t Like His Wife’s Food. Clearly, We’re All Messed Up Mentally

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We’ve been in lockdown for almost two months now and it’s not been easy on anyone. Okay, even if I say I like being home and don’t prefer social interaction, I don’t mean to not meet even my close ones. I don’t mean I don’t enjoy when I go out for a drink with people I love or watch a movie with my bestie. Even that cup of coffee in my fav café alone or gossiping with a friend seems priceless now.

However, every person is different and how intensely a tough situation affects you, is different too. So while some of us may have adapted to these difficult times, some of us are still struggling. With each passing day, there are people whose anxiety levels are escalating and their mental health deteriorating.

In bad state of mind, you just need one small trigger and you find yourself spiralling towards unfruitful activities. Recently, a man in Ahmedabad threatened to jump off his balcony after wanting more spice in his food. Apparently, he wanted more spice in his food but that led to a quarrel between him and his wife. After this, he attempted to jump off the balcony. A few of his neighbours pulled him back up and saved his life.

Nobody in their sane mind would attempt such a thing and that too over something so small. A lot of people made him the butt of some lockdown jokes, and honestly, without deep thought, it’s common to ridicule something like this. A user tweeted, Aur daalo har cheez me shakkar…” Another one wrote, “Lockdown mai tinde milay toh mai bhi yeh karu.” But if you think about what his frame of mind in which he attempted suicide, you will realise that mental health isn’t a joke.

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The video of him hanging from the railing went viral and honestly, it’s just sad. A police official said, “It was a fight between husband and the wife with the husband wanting the food to be spicier. This led to a heated exchange and the husband threatened to jump down the balcony.” He further added, “No complaint has been filed.”

While we are witnessing the biggest lockdown ever, it is not just our physical health that is under threat. Sudden social distancing, financial difficulties, uncertainty about job/career/future and spending too much time in a confined space with one’e family are some of the factors that are triggering mental health issues. In fact, when you add these to pre-existing mental health conditions, a lot of people are losing it. So many of us don’t even realise that we are doing what we are doing because of stress. Our hormones, sleep cycles, appetite, etc are acting up. If we look at a survey conducted by the Indian Psychiatry Society, the number of reported cases of mental illness in India had risen by 20% right within a week of the start of the lockdown.

So yes, this was perhaps extreme, but we should consider it seriously.

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