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Twinkle Khanna Shares A Picture Of Her Son Aarav Bhatia’s Meal And It’s So Fancy. We Can Only Make Instant Noodles!

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Yet another star kid of Bollywood is making headlines but this time not because they have made their debut in a movie. Thank god! Because we were having a lot of that. Looks like some people might have some other plans. Actor Akshay Kumar and our very own Twinkle Khanna are proud parents of Aarav Bhatia and Nitara Bhatia. 16-year-old star kid Aarav Bhatia is now proving that he might have the makings of a brilliant chef. Aarav is currently pursuing his studies and isn’t always seen making public appearance or being papped. Even though Aarav Bhatia is away from the glitz and glamour of the industry, mommy Twinkle Khanna flaunts his sons cooking skills on Instagram in the cutest way possible!

Unlike most of our mothers, who wouldn’t leaving the entire kitchen’s responsibilities on our shoulders, worried that we will burn the house down, Twinkle Khanna is chilled out. The actor-turned-author shared a picture of Aarav Bhatia’s prepared meal on social media, which included mushroom risotto, miso avocado salad, chicken skewers and chocolate soufflĂ© for the whole family. Twinkle posted the photos with a captioned it, “My teenager makes us dinner and dessert all by himself 🙂 On the menu- mushroom risotto, miso avocado salad, chicken skewers and chocolate soufflĂ© #proudmama”

The media questioned Akshay Kumar on Aarav Bhatia’s future plans and if Bollywood is something he is looking forward to. Speaking on the same ,Akshay said, “I don’t know about others. As for Aarav, he is too young and currently, he is interested only in his studies. I’m not aware if he will get into the industry. I’m not pushing him. Today’s children have a mind of their own. My son is no different. Once he wraps up his studies here in Mumbai, he wants to go to a school in London, which he has already selected. I let my kids be the way they want to be.”

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The Mission Mangal actor concluded, “Parents can only show their children a path and help them identify their goals as adolescents. After that, the latter can decide what they wish to do.” That makes sense.

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