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Twinkle Khanna Doled Out Advice On Dealing With Naughty Kids And We Recommend Trying It Out

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I remember the time when I had to babysit my elder sister’s daughter for the first time and trust me it was every bit of a nightmare. I mean, she’s cute and adorable but looking after a child is nothing less than an intense cardio session and the mess they create is beyond imaginable, the exhaustion was real AF. That day I realised that people who have to deal with kids everyday should be given an award, regularly. There is no doubt that kids are the most adorable little munchkins that we are blessed to have and their innocence is rare and all, but you know what would be really helpful? Some tricks to deal with these pesky little monsters.

Looks like  Twinkle Khanna has some really great ideas on how to deal with something like this. And of course, because this is Mrs. Funnybones, it has to be filled with sarcasm and jokes. So, recently the actor-turner-author shared a stunning picture of her in black and white, looking all glammed up and wrote, “A middle-aged model’s stellar tip – Return from a shoot to find 3 small kids lolling on your bed-Threaten to rip out your eyeballs first and then theirs – Remove your lenses and fake eyelashes, place onto their palms and watch them scream and run! #AscreamADayKeepsPeskyKidsAtBay.”

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Twinkle Khanna is known for her funny tweets and pulling her hubby Akshay Kumar’s legs on social platforms. Twinkle Khanna also leaves no chance to harmlessly and funnily troll her friends online and offline, which leaves us in splits. There were some users who came up with their own ideas and recreated the same tweet and we can’t stop laughing. Sharing her trick, an airforce officer wrote on Twitter, “Middle aged woman in the armed forces ..steller tip… after returning from tiring day’s work … tell them there’s a gun in the office brief case… causes a quick scramble .. always.”

One of her followers shared her idea in the comments section on Instagram and wrote, “@twinklerkhanna you are my kinda parent!!!! I love horsing around and prancing the kids too! On Halloween last year I found a YouTube tutorial that showed me how to use makeup, toilet paper and regular household glue to fake a knife cut. Of course, I HAD to try it out. So I pulled up to the kids school to pick them up in complete witch costume and made up with a slash right around my neck! The screams and giggles and oohs that followed were priceless! Plus I think, they respect me just a tad bit more.”

Another user wrote, “I can well imagine what kind of relationship you have with kids @twinklerkhanna, these pranks will be remembered by them life time.” One used shared, “The Statue of Liberty is no longer saying, ‘Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses.’ She’s got a baseball bat and yelling, ‘You want a piece of me?’

Later on, a male fan replied, “Seems much Fun than the whole day altogether, but that’s what we come home to don’t we. Enjoy parenthood. Buaah…”

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Tahira Kashyap, who is also an author was all praises over the picture and wrote, “and you are looking STUNNINGGGG!!!” Some fans also compared her to late Princess Diana while hinting at the resemblance, “I took a sec to confirm it’s not Princess Diana, but Mrs funnybones herself.. killing it with looks,” a fan said.

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