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#Trending : A Woman In Karnataka Delivered A Baby With Guidance From A Doctor Over Video Call. In The End, All Is Well

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Whenever I think of how scenes from great Bollywood movies would play out in real life, I often imagine myself either dancing to a romantic number in a chiffon saree and in the rain, OR I imagine a scene where I am running through an airport for a climactic yet predictable ending to a love story. If it were up to me, I’d probably be running an entire 3 hour movie in my head with me as the protagonist, but even then, one scene that I never imagined ever playing out in real life was the famous scene from the movie 3 Idiots.  And no, I don’t mean the one where Kareena Kapoor kisses Aamir Khan to show him how a nose doesn’t come in the middle of a kiss. Duh.

It was the one where the cast all gathers in an old college recreational hall with nothing but a tennis table, to deliver a baby, midst heavy rains, zero equipment and a bunch of engineering students getting directions from a doctor over a video call. Turns out, a similar real life incident took place Hangal, Karnataka on Sunday, when a miraculous delivery took place in a way no one could’ve foreseen.

On Sunday afternoon, as Vasavi Fattepur developed early labor pains when she was expecting her second baby, her husband Raghavendra and their neighbours Madhulika Desai, Ankita Vedambhattanavar, Jyoti Madirushed rushed to her side to help her through what was coming. Except, things were escalating much faster than anticipated.

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Ms. Desai shared that by the time she managed to reach Vasavi’s house, the baby was almost pushing to come out. She said, “I rushed home and came back with gloves, mask and took the baby first.” Since the ambulance had informed the husband that it would take them 30-45 minoutes to reach during such times, the neighbours decided to take the matters into their own hands. Quite literally so.

Ms. Desai shared, “We were worried. So we called up Dr. Priyanka Mantagi to seek advice. We made a video call on WhatsApp and she told us what to do. We bought a new blade, followed all the precautions as advised by her, and cut the umbilical cord. All women in the neighbourhood chipped in and we are happy that we saved the baby.” Talk about real life climactic scenes, this one must’ve been a nail-biter!

Later while speaking to Dr. Mantagi, she shared, “In the video call, I could see what the situation was like. I just assured them that there was nothing to worry. I told them how to cut the umbilical cord after tying both the ends.” By the time the baby was delivered, and covered in warm clothes, the ambulance arrived to take the mother to the hospital.  Presently both the mother and the baby are safe and healthy, and we are impressed at just how cinematically things rolled out for the family.

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