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Hyderabad Police Surprised Little Girl On Her Birthday With Cake And Presents. We Have New Found Respect For The Police In These Times!

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For the longest time, I have had my qualms with the way the police in our country worked. From always giving us a feeling of being rather complacent and laid back when it came to proactively resolving a issue, they had a reputation built for that preceded them. However, much like everything being seen in a different light during this Coronavirus lockdown, the police too is being seen differently, especially after we’ve witnessed all these cute gestures by them.

Surprising us almost every other day, with their relentless hours of duty,  keeping people off the streets, the police across this country has shown immense courage and commitment to the cause of Covid-19. And not just this, they have also time and again proved, that they too have a human side to them, that allows them to occasionally do something unexpected for someone. Just like Hyderabad police recently did.

After news about a one-year-old girl Myra, staying away from her parents with her grandparents surfaced, to make up for the fact that Myra won’t be able to be with her parents on this special day, IPS Officer Anjani Kumar himself decided to show up with a merry celebration.

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As Myra’s parents got stuck in Boston with this sudden lockdown situation, she would be apart from her parents on her very first birthday. This was a sentiment that moved the Hyderabad police enough to make efforts to turn this day special for little Myra by getting her a birthday cake in this quarantine and hosting a small and ceremonious gifting ritual, where she received a teddy bear as a gift.

Adhering to the norms in place, by sporting masks and gloves while at it, the Police did not just surprise the family, but also all of us, by showing just how dedicated and compassionate the police has been in this time, putting their own lives at risk for our safety, and now, for our happiness as well. Salute to the police force for making us proud and smile even in such bleak times!

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