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#Trending : A Muslim Woman Gave Triple Talaq To Her Husband Who Used To Thrash Her. But Questions Are Being Raised About Her Right To Give Him Divorce

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The way this society has been built has always been at the expense of women, who since time immemorial have been dominated by their male counterparts. Choice is a word we got acquainted with only when used in context of men, and freedom for most meant only to be able to freely roam around in the confines of their house. And even though the modern Indian woman is far from the image I just painted, there are still parts in the world, where the women are ripped off of every little choice, even the one where they can choose to divorce the man who beats them up.

The Islamic culture in India gives only the husband the power to divorce his wife and not vice versa. But in a rather alarming but interesting news, turns out a woman after being fed up with her husband, chose to give him a triple talaq and go off to her house.

A 32-year-old old Muslim woman, Mumtaz Shaikh, along with her three children, left to go back to her parents’ house after allegedly giving an instant triple talaq to her husband Sherkhan Pathan over alleged ill-treatment. She shared that her husband would often beat her up and thrash over minor issues and that she had had enough of the violence and harassment. Turns out, after she left for her parent’s place, Pathan came over on Eid al Adha on Saturday in an attempt to reconcile with the wife and kids, but things didn’t go as planned.

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Riled up in anger, Mumtaz’s father assaulted the guy and asked him to leave right away. After this incident, Pathan went to the police to file a complaint for assault, while Mumtaz’s father filed a complaint back to report assault at the hands of Sherkhan. Meanwhile, the Inspector  LD Odedara of Velapur Police said, “This talaq cannot be considered legitimate either under the country’s laws or under Islamic code. But she (Shaikh) and her family have considered it divorce.”

And this was said because the Islamic law doesn’t consider giving the woman the right to end a marriage. Apart from that, since the Triple Talaq bill already deems divorce through it – irrelevant and criminalised only for men. It is true that Shaikh is yet to get separate from her husband legally, but we sure hope it opens a greater dialogue for women, one where they’re granted some autonomy in a relationship or a situation like this.

Because according to several clerics, such as Mufti Asjad Qasmi, such a divorce is illegitimate as the Islamic laws do not allow a woman to give divorce to her husband. But the entire concept of depriving women of such a basic right is what is needed to be revisited, especially when it means for them to live in a marriage where they’re ill-treated.

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