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#Trending : Man Booked By Police For Giving Triple Talaq To His Wife Because She Didn’t Agree To His Second Marriage. He Had It Coming.

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Being born a man in this world immediately puts you at an advantage and for some of them, they act an awful lot like shrewd lawyers. They are always looking for loopholes in a contract to exploit and take advantage of. Be it the patriarchal notions that many men use to get their way or the age old customs or even laws that protect them from ever being charged for their misogynistic and selfish conduct, they’ve always managed to get away with bleeding the women dry. But if recent times are anything to go by, things are changing.

We say this in accordance to the triple talaq bill, that by way of Supreme Court, has now made the custom of divorcing one’s wife by saying talaq three times, unconstitutional and punishable by law. A custom in the Islamic culture that earlier allowed men to instantly dissolve their marriage, leaving their wives high and dry, was taken off the table, after several protests by women rights groups and individuals who felt that this left women vulnerable, abandoned and powerless.

And even though this law was too contested, we are glad that it has come into existence, for it is already shielding women from unfair ends to their matrimonial alliances. As recently happened when a man from Vadodara, Gujarat was booked for  cruelty to wife after he allegedly pronounced triple talaq in contravention of the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019.

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Reports share that the victim, a 25-year-old Azima Banu had gotten married to Jabeer Hussain Shaikh in 2015 and had a peaceful one year of marriage with him. However, as time went by, things changed and for the worst. The inspector on the case, KP Parmar of Wadi police station shared, “A year after their wedding, the complainant found out that her husband was having an extra-marital relationship. When she confronted him, he admitted that he was planning to marry the woman he loved. When the complainant refused to give her consent to her husband’s second marriage, he became abusive.”

He further shared that when on 20th July, the couple had yet another confrontation, the matter escalated and the accused uttered talaq nine times to terminate the marriage. He shared, “Then he asked her to leave stating that their talaq had been formalised as he had uttered it thrice.” Azima also shared how after this when she moved back to her parents house, Shaikh had still been harassing her.

Except, he didn’t anticipate what came next, and that was the police. Currently booked under Indian Penal Code IPC Section 498(A) (cruelty to wife), 506 (Criminal intimidation) as well as Section 3 of the amended Muslim Women Act, seems like Shaikh’s shortcut to get rid of an non-consenting wife simply didn’t work out. Guess, this might just serve as the perfect example to all men out there, who think their irrationality, impulsiveness and male entitlement will get them away with everything.

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