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Today Is World Chocolate Day And Here Are 7 Things You Will Relate To If Chocolates Are Your Lifeline

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Happy World Chocolate Day! 

Chocolate is my soulmate. It’s calming, delicious and is always there for me. What more can a girl ask for? You know, I once read somewhere that 9 out of 10 people love chocolate and the 10th person is always lying. It’s one of my favourite quotes. 

You know I have a secret fantasy (well, it’s not so much of a secret anymore is it?) to drown in Willy Wonka’s chocolate river. Just thinking about the creamy and crunchy textures that melt in my mouth, not to mention the bitter, sweet and salty taste notes and the delicious after taste, is enough to make me crave some chocolate. *grabs nutella by a spoonful*

So, if you are a fellow chocoholic, here are 7 things you will relate to:

1. At a restaurant, the first thing you look at is the dessert menu. If there isn’t a dish with chocolate oozing out of it, there is a fat chance you won’t be going back to that restaurant. If there is a delectable-looking chocolate dessert on the menu, you will be drooling and be dreaming about it even before your main course arrives. 

2. All your friends are always having the black v/s white v/s brown debate but you don’t discriminate. You, on the other hand, believe all chocolates matter. After all, they all taste like “little drops of heaven” (if you get this FRIENDS reference, congrats you are a true fan) in your mouth. 

3. According to you, “sharing” and “chocolate” are two words that do not belong in the same sentence together. Well, unless that sentence says that you won’t. Though, you expect everyone to share their bars with you. And if by any chance, you do share your chocolate with someone, it’s a sign of your unconditional love for that person. Though even that is a one-off incident. In fact, you are more capable of stealing chocolate than you are of sharing it and you are not ashamed of this fact. 

4. You believe that it is acceptable to eat chocolate at any time of the day. Nutella pancakes for breakfast, a mug cake for your afternoon snack and then even a tub full of chocolate ice cream at 3 am, anything goes. There no concept of overindulging when it comes to chocolate and you regret nothing. Also, you have never understood how some people can look sexy while eating chocolate. You always end up looking like a crazy person. 

5. You want to punch anyone who says thing’s like, “Chocolates aren’t healthy” or “I prefer an almond cake over a chocolate one”. For you, a balanced diet means eating chocolate with both your hands. I mean, let’s face it if being healthy equals happiness then chocolate should be a superfood since it makes everyone happy. Okay, this logic is a little warped but bhavnao ko samjho! Also, whoever says they don’t like chocolate is not living their life correctly. 

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6. There is no problem that can’t be solved by either a bar of your favourite chocolate or dutch truffle pastry with melted chocolate. Okay, my mouth is watering already. Chocolates can lift your mood within seconds. You could have the worst day at work, be super grumpy and PMSy, and a little chocolate piece will do the magic almost instantly.  It’s almost miraculous that it can cure anything. Well,  maybe everything except corona.

7. To you, chocolate is true love. It doesn’t complain, it understands your every craving and it makes you happy. That sounds like a relationship!

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