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This Video Of A Talking Dinosaur Reading Out A Bedtime Story To A Bunch Of Retriever Puppies Is The Best Thing You Will See On The Internet Today!

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I am always told that whenever a person gets sad, upset or even anxious, they must develop a system that helps them to distract from the overwhelming feeling of discomfort and move towards something happier and positive. For some people that is through meditation, yoga, gyming, hell even sleeping. But for me, it has always been cuddling dogs. I was still in school when we adopted our dog and since then, there has been no looking back for me. Quite the opposite, in fact. In today’s times, it means looking at endless dog videos on Instagram everyday till I fall asleep with my phone in my hand.

And it was during once such doggy-stalking session on social media that I came about what is going to be the cutest story of the day. Turns out, much like their hoomans, this bunch of ultra cute retriever puppies too were in the habit of sleeping to a bedtime story. And that is not all, because the one reciting those bedtime story to these little furry drops of heaven is a talking dinosaur! And yes, this is your cue to go all ‘aww’!

Shared on Twitter by a user named Tim Perzyk, the video though posted back in April, has caught quite the traction just now and we can see why. After all, it is a staple mix of cuteness overload, what with a bunch of puppies, a talking dino and just everything cute.

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Twitterati is going gaga over these group of good bois, they are leaving priceless comments on the videos that say things like, “They’re listening SO WELL are you kidding me??? 14/10 for all”, and another comment that reads, “Excuse me while my heart explodes with hearts, rainbows, and unicorns because OH MY GOD THAT’S SO PRECIOUS”. Same, we’d say.


In fact, there was even a theory  on the thread where it is being proposed they aren’t puppies but dragon babies who are dressed as little retrievers. And honestly, after the kind of an unbelievable year we’ve been having, we won’t even be too quick to dismiss it jsut yet! Meanwhile, the video has garnered over 60 thousand likes and is making our hearts melt!

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