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This Guy Surprised His Wife With His Questionable Guitar Skills Proving It’s Important That You Try. Twitterati Is Loving It!

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There was a time at the start of this lockdown when all I would end up writing about would be about coronavirus. The shift from regular to this seemingly post apocalyptic scenarios and the increasing amount of anxiety was tangible, even if not the virus itself was not. It wasn’t until a few weeks into this lockdown that we finally saw some light at the end of this unpredictable tunnel, and began to take note of the silver linings that this quarantine came with. From compassionate policemen helping out and cheering up civilians all the while doing their duty, to people taking up crazy challenges on TikTok, suddenly midst this worldwide pandemic, we had ourselves a little source of positivity to get through our days, and today it is through a video of a husband trying to impress his wife on her birthday, and well…succeeding.

Not your usual rose petals on bed and a fancy song kind of a woo, well not just that, this husband put up a video on twitter, sharing how he spent close to 11 months trying to learn the guitar as a romantic gesture, to surprise her on her birthday. The twitter user named, Dan White, orchestrated this surprise for his wife uploaded the 30 second video with the caption, “I spent the last 11 months secretly learning guitar so I could surprise my wife on her birthday”. Except, what happens next is best be  witnessed than read.

The video starts with his wife giggling while having started recording the video, muttering ‘Oh my god’ under her breath as she walks through the corridor that is also covered in petals, to finally enter her bedroom, where Dan sits on the bed, shirtless and a guitar in hand, ready to play for his wife.

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Except, what he really ends up playing is well, no very great. His rendition of whatever that was, was anything but a sound melody. Noise, rather. But hey, it is the thought that counts, because with over 500 retweets on twitter and 6000 plus likes and counting,  this video has won more hearts than just of his wife. Clearly, the guy was a genius and knew what he was doing.

In fact, twitterati after being impressed with the stunt Dan pulled, and with so much finesse I must add, has been leaving hilarious comments on the video. One user wrote, “She deserves an award for the beginning also”, while another one wrote, “Will you play my wedding? This is my fiancée’s favourite song.” This definitely left us in splits and with a brand new idea to surprise our partners too!

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