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This Spanish Singer Accidentally Set Her Hair On Fire While Singing Christmas Carols With Her Boyfriend.

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I don’t have to tell you’ll what a bummer 2020 has been. In every way, this year has put us through hell. However, the biggest blow came when we couldn’t celebrate festivals and spend our holidays with the people we love. However, even spending Christmas at home is not a full-proof plan to keep you away from danger. You see, this Spanish singer set her hair on fire while singing Christmas carols with her boyfriend. And I know I shouldn’t have, but I laughed a little while watching the video. Don’t judge me. 

Singer-songwriter Sofie Ellar, who was born in the UK but currently lives in Spain, took to Instagram to post a video of herself singing Christmas carols with her boyfriend, Alvaro Soler. They were singing in front of a Christmas tree, lights and candles. 

Just when Sofie began swaying with the music, disaster strikes 2020 style. While enjoying the music, she tilted her head back and her hair caught on fire. Yikes. For about three seconds, Sofie doesn’t know what has happened but once she realises that her hair is burning, she jumps up and her boyfriend rushed to her aid.


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To add to this entire mess, while trying to run away and put out the fire, she knocks over a glass of champagne. Thankfully no damage was done but she would’ve lost at least a few inches of hair. So well, some damage was done. While watching the video, I couldn’t help but laugh a little at her reaction. Sofie had a very ‘hot’ Christmas. 

Basically, this video was the entirety of 2020 in two minutes. It had both the main themes. Indoor celebrations and complete and utter chaos. Sofie’s Instagram caption on this video reads, “2019, we were good. 2020, we light fires and drop glasses. Hello 2021.” 

After the year we’ve just had, I am hoping 2021 is as vanilla as Kristen Stewart’s Twilight performance. And, no one sets their hair on fire. 

Let’s all be extremely careful from now on. Anything is possible this year.

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