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Someone Posted A Picture Of Oreo Bhajiya And We Can’t…

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Before 2020, I had only read about the bubonic plague and the Spanish flu and I wondered what life at that point must have been like. Now, we do have an idea except we are scientifically and medically better off, which at this point is no solace. So, 10 years down the line when they write books and make movies based on what our lives were during this coronavirus wave, we will all be able to relate and that to me is fascinating. I can’t wait for the day that we look back in retrospect and laugh about the days we were under lockdown. Or maybe we will be called coronavirus veterans. There’s no telling. 

Personally, this lockdown has been no cakewalk. I don’t think I have been this bored since I spent 3 weeks at a relative’s house somewhere in Gujarat as a child. Actually, compared to that, this lockdown is a trip to Disney Land. I have never been more thankful for social media than I am right now. We all know that netizens are some of the most creative and whacked-out (in a good way) people ever. And man, have they entertained me with their absurd creations through this lockdown.

If you have been following Hauterfly these past few weeks you know exactly what I am talking about. Yep, the extremely bizarre food combinations and dishes that have been popping up very frequently on social media now. Up until now, we have- Nutella biryani, watermelon and ketchup, gulab jamun vada pav and my personal favourite- Maggi pani puri. Joining these ranks of the most weird and unnatural food combinations today we have- Oreo Bhajiya! 

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By now I am sure the foodie in you has thrown up all over your soul (too graphic?). However, I am sure that this Oreo Bhajiya is as revolting as it sounds. We don’t know the recipe but from the picture, it looks like someone marinated an Oreo cookie in some bhajiya batter and fried it. Did they confuse this with deep-fried Oreos? Because those are delicious and this looks unnaturally wrong. Needless to say, netizens were not too happy with whoever this person is, messing with their favourite cookie and their favourite savoury rainy day snack. 

And I amsure, there are a couple of people willing to give bizarre dish a taste. To them I say, you do you but don’t blame me if this ruins your taste buds.  

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Check out some of the best Twitter reactions:

So the question remains, this rainy season will you make aloo bhajiya or live a little more on the edge and make Oreo Bhajiya?

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