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This Men’s Grooming Brand Uses Disgusting Sexism And Women In Skimpy Clothes To Sell Products. We Are Not Okay With This

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When it comes to marketing their products, some brands don’t mind stooping to the lowest level in the name of advertising. They will cash in on your insecurities, promote false notions and literally do whatever they feel is right to push their products. But then there are some who have no level at all and are so unbelievably pathetic that it triggers you to the core. Case in point, Qraa Men.

This men’s grooming brand which sells beard oil, face wash, serums is actually selling toxic masculinity and the idea that women won’t want you if you don’t have a beard. And the inherent misogyny in their social media campaigns is appaling.  Their latest ad campaign is the reflection of the ridiculous ideas they believe in. It has images of four stark naked women censored with text saying things like “Want a better view? Be a man, grow a beard and then come”.

Other similar image had “Want to peel away this strip? First peel away the dirt and impurities from your face” written on it. Makes you cringe hard, doesn’t it? Not only they are downright promoting the stereotypical idea of masculinity that only men who have beard are the real men but are also objectifying women, in the most random way possible and we are appalled.

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It faced a lot flak for this campaign on social media, for all the right reasons, which prompted the brand to take down this particular campaign. The comment section of these posts is also filled with hate comments. The posts are now removed but have they learned a lesson? I am not sure.

Okay, women have been used to peddle men’s products forever now. And they’ve always been objectified. But to simply use them as props? It’s messed up. What’s worse is that there are celebrities like Nia Sharma, Adah Sharma and Divya Khosla who have endorsed the brands on their Instagram page. What even?

If you think that the advertising team were high on something while they were brainstorming for this idea or that it was just one big slip-up on their part, you know to give them a benefit of the doubt, let me tell you that it is in fact a pattern. They are selling misogynistic ideas and sexism in the name of marketing and here’s how. If you take a glance at their other posts, you will find nothing but sexism and very poor choice of words in their almost their entire digital presence.

It’s clear from their social media, that they have a bunch of men who think with their penises. They want to sell the idea that men who cheat or worse, sexually abuse their peers in a workplace are the real men or “Qraa Men,” as they call them, and women will just pounce on them for merely having a beard. WTF!

They are basing their whole brand strategy on toxicity. How is this a thought for an entire brand? What’s wrong with them? They clearly have some introspection to do and come up with better ideas rather than these objectionable, offensive ads that demean men and women both.

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