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This Extremely Misogynistic And Stupid Instagram Account Is Probably A Joke. Here’s Why We Think That

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Social media is a dumping ground of unwanted opinions and unfortunately, anyone with a phone and an internet connection has access to it.  This isn’t to say that everyone can’t have their own way of seeing things, they sure can, but one often chances upon a post or a comment made by someone who, in all honesty, should probably sit this one out. Today’s winner is self proclaimed ‘traditional male’ and ‘anti feminist’, YogiOabs.

If you haven’t heard of him already, the clown in question is a ‘motivational speaker’ who goes by the name YogiOabs. He has over 8,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 1,000 followers on Instagram. He’s also the creator of ‘Anti-Feminist Apparel’, a brand that is exactly what it sounds like. A quick scroll through his Instagram pages and YouTube channel will tell you that this man is a misogynistic, transphobic bigot. And he seems to be more open about it than the rest. Maybe a little too open.

He’s so transparent and obviously misogynistic, we are starting to suspect something else is at play.

We’re very aware that social media is full of trolls and people seeking cheap thrills. The possibility of this man doing the same is not entirely undeniable.

Here’s five reasons why we think YogiOabs could be a joke.

No one is that stupid.

Take one look at his posts and videos, and you’ll see that they’re poorly written and badly researched excuses of content creation. He blatantly disregards the issues faced by women and lives in his own bubble of so called traditionalism. Being that oblivious seems almost unrealistic. But it’s getting him the eyeballs and the comments. Hmm.

He’s getting attention.

With his rapidly increasing popularity, people are really talking about this guy. His posts are doing the rounds in varied circles, mostly with eye rolls, but hey, it’s working. Whether it’s feminist accounts countering his baseless arguments with facts, or conservatives who actually agree with him, is a secondary question. To some people, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

He’s way too bold.

I like to think that we live in a generation of accountability. Or in the very least, we’re moving towards holding people responsible for their prejudiced and bigoted beliefs. There are still a lot of people out there who are openly sexist and homophobic, but to have an entire account and channel dedicated to that is a little suspicious. He’s bound to get a lot of hate for that. You can’t be so removed from reality so as to think that this is okay.

People are getting riled up.

There’s something oddly specific about the posts and videos that he’s making. It’s like they’re directed very specifically at the kind of audience that would call him out for it. He makes statements that are bound to become the subject of hate on the internet, as they very much should. If his main goal is to get people pissed off, he’s definitely successful.

He says some really weird things.

Okay, now I know that weird accounts that aren’t satire exist. But some of the things this guy says in his YouTube videos likely sound weird as heck even to his target audience, which is conservatives. One of his videos is titled ‘How to Be a 1950’s Housewife (5 Steps)’ and he wears a suit through the video. That’s weird, YogiOabs. In another video titled ‘Why Boys Shouldn’t Play With Dolls’, he says, “Let me know in the comments below what you plan to do with your ball sack to harness your testosterone today.” I’m a little concerned. His old YouTube channel has a video posted eight years ago which strikes the perfect balance between unsettling and hilarious.

That being said, he’s been at this nonsense for a very, very long time. It would take a lot of dedication to continue a joke for that long. His previous YouTube channel has over 50,000 subscribers. I guess we’ll know his real intentions in due course of time. Until then, it would be best not to engage in any kind of discussion with this person. Even as a joke, being a misogynist and a transphobe is not funny. Encouraging prejudice may be a joke to you, but it endangers people’s lives. Please find a new hobby.

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