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This Man Was Presented With A Gun As A Wedding Gift. Why Is This Okay?

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It’s my best friend’s wedding next month. And while we’re all running helter-skelter figuring out clothes and COVID safety precautions for the event, the one thing that has me stumped is what wedding gift to get her. The first thought that comes to mind is a simple diamond pendant or earrings. But I want to do something hatke. If you thought finding the perfect birthday gift is tricky, finding the perfect wedding gift is a herculean task. However, today I came across a video about a “hatke” wedding gift that shook me to my very core. A mother-in-law ( we are made to believe) presenting the groom with an AK-47 rifle on the wedding day. So, a luxury car or a watch doesn’t cut it anymore, huh? 

According to reports and the comments below the Twitter undated video that’s going viral, this incident happened in Pakistan. Here’s the thing though it’s a fact that firing a few rounds of bullets into the air during a celebration or a wedding is common there but gifting the groom a Kalashnikov rifle is a bit OTT, don’t you think? Oh, who am I kidding? It’s downright terrifying. 

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The video that is doing the rounds on social media shows the MIL gifting the groom with an AK-47 assault rifle. She presents the gun to him on stage, after congratulating the couple. I might not know a lot of wedding gifts, but this is not appropriate. However, I did notice a few odd things about the video while I watching it. One, every time the camera would cut to the bride, she looked incredibly uncomfortable. There’s no telling why that is. Maybe it was the fact that her husband was being given a gun or just the whole situation in general. And two, when the gun was presented to the groom, he had no expressions on his face. He wasn’t shocked or stunned. He just stood up and accepted it. It was almost as if he was expecting the assault rifle as a wedding gift. Also, did anyone else notice how someone in the crown had to tell him to keep the barrel of the gun up? Yikes. Talk about a weapon in the wrong hands. 

Although, more than being astonished at the bride and groom’s reactions, I was confused by the cheers that were coming from the crowd as the wedding gift, the AK 47 rifle, was being presented to the groom. Why exactly would you cheer for something that like? It an assault rifle just being handed off as a wedding gift. And why are the guests not surprised by it either? This video raises more questions than it answers. The whole thing is nightmarish. A wedding gift is supposed to be nice, pretty and luxurious. Like a piece of jewellery or a car or a paid vacation. Were those things just not enough? 

As of now, we have no idea who the people in the video are or their confirmed location. All we do know is that this video is going viral like wildfire. Maybe we should stick to wedding gifts that are more pretty and conventional and less murder-y.

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