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This Health Official From Kerala Raped A Nurse Who Approached Him To Get A COVID Negative Certificate. This Is So Shameful

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Okay, let’s be honest. In the last several years, India has greatly improved on a lot of fronts. Even the rigid mindset of people, which is our biggest hurdle, is thawing. However, the one thing that has not improved, despite all our efforts, is the safety of women. I always wonder what goes in the twisted mind of certain men when they see a woman? Do they immediately think of horny, perverted and unspeakable things? Or sneaky ways in which they can take advantage of that woman? It sure seems that way. Every second day cases of rapes and molestation are cropping up. Although to be fair, people seem to care more about Rhea Chakroborty’s WhatsApp chats more than the fate of these women. It’s extremely worrisome. 

Rapes are not something that can be taken lightly. And yet, for some reason, they are. And this encourages and gives them an undue advantage. It seems like they are always on the lookout for opportunities to trick and pounce on women. Not to mention that, like us, if you thought that the pandemic would slow them down, you were dead wrong. In fact, these leechy men have been using the pandemic as a means to their disgusting end. You’ll see. 

Recently, a health official in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala has been arrested for allegedly raping a 44-year-old nurse. She had approached him to collect a coronavirus negative certificate. 

The woman had been ordered to go into quarantine last month after she returned home from north Kerala where she was working as a nurse. She had tested negative for the virus after a 2-week quarantine period but she needed a coronavirus negative certificate to work as a nurse. 

According to the police, the victim alleged that the official, who is a junior health inspector asked her to come to his house to get the certificate. When she reached his house, he wrongfully confined her, tied her up, physically assaulted and raped her. 

Why do men do this? Sexually exploit and take advantage of women like this. This is so twisted and messed up.  The worst part is that this puts health care officials and medical professionals who are working so hard, in bad light. 

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Circle Inspector Suneesh told NDTV that, “The official allegedly physically assaulted her, tied her hands and mouth for some time in between, and raped her. The medical examination has been done. Further investigation is underway. A case has been registered under section 376 of the IPC.” 

Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja has ordered for the suspension of this official and said that the state government would take strict action against him. However, I don’t think a suspension is punishment enough. He needs to be fired and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

This is just so sickening and horrifying!

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