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#Trending : In Maharashtra, A Lab Technician Has Been Booked For Rape And Molestation After He Took Vaginal Swabs From A Woman For A Covid Test

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If I look at myself from a couple of years ago, and compare that girl to who I am today, apart from the obvious change in professions, there’s this huge change which is in my world view.  With time, my naivety has turned into cautious skepticism, I have learned that the world is not  a simple or as kind a place as I thought it was. From having to walk everyday while constantly looking over my shoulder, or knowing that my being a woman puts me at a disadvantage, I may have turned a little bit cynical but for good reason.

Especially since women are always at a risk of being exploited, even at a hospital during a simple check-up as well. We are talking about the recent case of molestation that has surfaced, where a girl from Maharashtra reported having been molested by a lab technician, who instead of taking nose and throat samples for a Covid-19 test, ended up taking a swab from her private parts.

The 24-year-old woman, who was a worker at the Badnera mall in Vidarbha, Maharashtra had gone to the Modi Hospital with 20 of her colleagues to get a Rapid Antigen test after one of their co-workers had been tested positive. Alkesh Ashokrao Deshmukh, a contractual lab technician was present there to assist the lot with their tests, and took the nose swab of the complainant to tell her that she was tested positive. After that, he insisted on taking another swab from her private parts.

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The girl who was scared, and did not know any better, agreed. Having raised caution at a female assistant not being present, she was told that she could ask any female to accompany her. After swabbing her private parts, the technician then told her she was indeed negative. However, the incident because it was weird and inappropriate, did not leave her mind.

She went on to tell her friends and brother, who upon inquiry found out that no swab is required to be taken from any private parts, and that is when they filed charges against the technician. They lodged a complaint with the Badnera police, who then arrested the guy on charges of rape and molestation. He is now facing a full fledged investigation for his sick and perverted acts.

Further to this, Amravati’s guardian minister and Maharashtra’s woman and child welfare minister Yashomati Thakur said that such men must have been doing this to other women too and urged the women to gather the courage to speak up and report such incidents. She said, ““I appeal to girls to come forward and speak if they fall victim to such heinous crime. We will ensure stringent punishment to the man. Girls should report such cases instead of hiding them in fear of defamation.” And we agree. It’s okay to step up and call out such toxic predators who take advantage of a patient’s fear to sexually exploit them.

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