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This Facebook User Shared A Picture Of A Boiled Egg Being Dipped In A Cup Of Chai. Eww

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I am not a temperamental person at all but there are a few small things that really annoy me. Like when the colour of one my outfits bleed in the wash and it gets all over everything else or when someone enters my room while I am sleeping and switches on all the lights (I miss my maid!) or when moves all my stuff around, the list actually goes on and on. Damn, maybe I am temperamental. Anyway, my biggest pet peeve though is someone messing with my chai.  

Chai is more than a beverage, it’s a lifestyle that most Indian kids have inherited and it must be respected. In our family, the chai needs to be extra milky and extra adrak-y (yes, I am aware that is not a word). Though it must be the perfect shade of brown, not too light or too dark. I am sure you’ve realised just how strongly I feel about chai and if you’ll are judging me, then you’ll haven’t had lip-smacking chai. 

So, when I tell you’ll that some netizen, who was clearly born without tastebuds, tried dipping a boiled egg into chai you’ll can only imagine my fury. Here’s the thing, chai and eggs separately are delicious, but when you put them together it’s not a bizarre food combination, it’s an extreme sport. 

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Oh yeah, a Facebook user by the name of Dhvanya Shah  shared an image of an egg being dipped into a cup of chai. The image was captioned, “Why, why & Why,” and shared on a private Facebook group. The image went instantly viral with over 2,000 reactions from angry netizens.

Look, I am a huge fan of random food combinations, but the ones that have been popping up around social media through this lockdown have instantly activated my gag-reflexes. I mean, how bored do you have to be to even consider violating your cup of tea by dipping an egg in it? Also, what outcome was this person expecting? I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s not going to taste good. I understand dipping Parle G biscuits (that’s a staple 90’s kid snack), bread butter even a few cream biscuits into chai but not a boiled egg. 

Needless to say, netizens were not too happy. You see, my opinion of revering chai is not an unpopular one. Some said this was a disgrace to humanity while others called it a hate crime. Well, normally I would say that these are harsh views but I feel the exact same way. 

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Check out some of the reactions!

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