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This Couple Held Anti-CAA Posters At Their Wedding. It’s Proof That This Is A Movement That’s Got Everyone Mobilised

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For a long time, our country felt like it was drowning in the depths of inequality and disparity. We had rampant casteism, religionism and all sorts of things that were bogging our country down. But this last month there is a certain patriotic feeling in the air. Unless you have been living under a rock deep in the Himalayas, you know this. Ever since the Rajya Sabha passed the Citizen Amendment Bill turning it into an act, people from all around the country have taken to the streets exercising their right to protest.

And even though the protests took several ugly turns in many parts of the country, the silver lining here is that we aren’t divided anymore. We now know that the citizens of our country will not let anything disturb the democratic and secular thread that binds us all together. After a certain point, it stopped being about Hindu, Muslim, Christian and it became about just being Indian. Millions of people showed up with super witty posters and placards to these demonstrations busting the government.

Some had, “I’ll show you my documents if you show me your degree,” on it and some had, “Shut down fascism, not the internet,” written on it. These are just two of my favourite ones, there were hundreds like these. The whole reason we are talking about these protests again is that one JMI student took these protests to a very personal level by holding anti-CAA posters at her wedding. She really killed it with this act.

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Amina Zakiah, is a postgraduate student at JMI who has been attending the protests around the university regularly. All her three siblings have also received higher education from JMI, and her parents are professors there. So, it stands to reason that after the police brutality incident that happened at the university, for Amina this unfortunate situation became more personal than political.

On Sunday, her family spoke to the groom’s family who readily agreed to participate in this unique way of protest. While the bride and groom can be seen holding posters that read, “No CAA and No NRC” the groom’s family can be seen holding poems written by revolutionary poets Habib Jalil and Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

While talking about it, Amina said “Being a student of Jamia and a concerned citizen of this country, I had to use my wedding as a platform to raise my voice against the National Register of Citizens and discriminatory CAA as it will affect the secular fabric of our country.”

This really is a commendable thing to do. There aren’t many people who would think of using their wedding as a medium to taking a stand. This goes to show that the CAA does not only impact people on a macro level, but every individual citizen is affected by it as well.

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On 15th December, when the peaceful protests turned into a chaotic mess after the police lathi-charged and dispensed tear gas shells on the protesters, Amina’s family was out shopping. Talking about that incident, her sister Mariyam said “On December 15, we were planning to go to Jamia, but we didn’t because we had work at home. We had no idea it would turn so ugly. Our cousin was returning from shopping when she felt the tear gas burning her eyes. She received messages from her friends trapped in washrooms. It was all very grim.”

When Mariyam was asked how the guests reacted to them holding posters at the wedding, she said “We held the placards among our close family members, and they are all aware of the situation. We are not that politically active, but we have to voice our opinion and dissent. This was a small attempt at that.”

We are amazed by this; this family saw a opportunity to voice their opinions against the CAA and took it. This just goes to show that even the people who aren’t politically inclined are now not afraid to take a stand for what they believe to be true. They saw injustice and police brutality first hand and decided they weren’t going to sit by and just watch and in many ways, this is so powerful.

Could these protests an initial step to some major changes? Only time will tell, but we really hope they are.

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